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Solubilis , a leading corporate legal firm, offers a comprehensive range of business law services including ROC, IPR, and tax consultancy. We are dedicated to providing top-notch corporate legal solutions, defending our clients against any business legal issues by offering registration services in compliance with the law. With a team of knowledgeable professionals, we deliver solutions at every stage of your business. Our services include Private Limited Company registration, GST registration, income tax filing, FSSAI Registration, Company registration, ISO Registration, Copyright Registration, and Trademark registration in Bangalore. Trust Solubilis to cater to all your business needs effectively.


Private limited company registration

Solubilis offers Private Limited Company registration services in Bangalore, backed by a team of skilled professionals. A Private Limited Company is incorporated under the Companies Act and is not listed on a recognized stock exchange. It limits the right to transfer shares and allows a maximum of 200 members. Trust Solubilis to guide you through the registration process, ensuring compliance and efficiency for your company.

LLP registration

Solubilis offers affordable LLP registration services in Bangalore. LLP combines partner flexibility with limited liability, making it a lucrative business option. Both firms and individuals can become members of an LLP. Additionally, the company name must end with the suffix "LLP". Trust Solubilis to assist you in registering your LLP, ensuring compliance and profitability for your business.

Public limited company registration

Solubilis provides affordable Public Limited Company registration services. The company name must include the suffix "Ltd". A minimum of 7 members is required for Public Limited Company enlistment. There are no restrictions on share transfers. Trust Solubilis to guide you through the registration process, ensuring compliance and affordability for your company.

Partnership firm registration

Solubilis offers partnership firm registration services in Bangalore, backed by a professional team. Partnership firms are favored as individual’s pool skills and share profits and losses through oral or written agreements. Partners can be friends, co-workers, relatives, or those with shared interests. Governed by the Partnership Act 1932, Solubilis ensures straightforward and seamless partnership firm registration, simplifying the process for clients. Trust us for effortless partnership establishment.

OPC Registration

OPC, or One Person Company, allows a single individual to establish a company, departing from the traditional requirement of having at least two members. Solubilis in Bangalore offers online OPC registration services, revolutionizing the business landscape. With OPC, one person can form and operate a company, simplifying the process and enabling solo entrepreneurs to pursue their business ambitions easily. Trust Solubilis for seamless online OPC registration services.

GST registration

Solubilis offers affordable GST registration services in Bangalore. GST, a single tax on goods and services, simplifies taxation from manufacturers/service providers to consumers. It replaces multiple taxes like excise duty, service tax, and VAT, bringing uniformity in structure and tax rates. With GST, compliance is easier, and consumers can transparently pay a single tax. Trust Solubilis for seamless and cost-effective GST registration in Bangalore.

Trademark registration

Solubilis excels in trademark registration services in Bangalore. A trademark is a visual symbol representing goods or services, establishing a connection between them and consumers. It serves as a protective tool, enhancing business credibility and financing. A registered trademark holds greater significance, enabling action against infringement. Trust Solubilis to secure your trademark effectively, safeguarding your business interests.

Copyright registration

Solubilis offers copyright registration services with a dedicated team of experts in Bangalore. Copyright grants exclusive rights to the owner over their work, valid for 60 years. Once copyrighted, others are prohibited from imitating, copying, or reproducing the work. Various creations like music, books, films, and software can be copyrighted, with the obtained copyright being transferable. Trust Solubilis to secure your copyright effectively, protecting your creative endeavors.

Patent registration

Solubilis offers Patent registration services in Bangalore, supported by a team of skilled professionals. Patents are vital in today's technology-driven society, serving as crucial assets for organizations and enhancing their innovative capabilities. Government-granted patents provide exclusive rights to innovators, lasting for 20 years with options for renewal. Our professional team manages both the registration and renewal processes efficiently. Trust Solubilis to safeguard your innovations with seamless patent registration services.

Design registration

Solubilis offers Design registration services in Bangalore, backed by a team of experts. Registering a design grants sole usage rights to the owner, preventing infringement and boosting competitiveness. It also opens avenues for additional income generation. Design registration catalogues a product's pattern, shape, and design, potentially yielding returns on investment. Trust Solubilis to secure your designs effectively, enhancing your company's value and market presence.


Trademark registration is not limited to specific states; it's accessible nationwide in India. It encompasses symbols, words, and logos representing businesses uniquely. Solubilis has facilitated many businesses in Karnataka to obtain trademark registration affordably. While it's a time-consuming process, providing the required supporting documents initiates the registration process. Typically, registration takes 8-12 months, barring any issues from the department or third parties. Trust Solubilis for seamless trademark registration assistance in Bangalore.

Solubilis offers private limited company registration services in Bangalore with specific eligibility criteria. Private companies must have 2-200 members, with a minimum of 2 directors and shareholders each. Every director must hold a DIN, and there's no minimum capital requirement. Additionally, at least one director should be Indian. Trust Solubilis to guide you through the private limited company registration process, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Solubilis aids in acquiring ISO Registration certificates in Bangalore at affordable rates. Our expert team initiates the process upon receiving your documents. Through diligent inquiry, we ensure successful ISO certification. Trust Solubilis for seamless ISO registration assistance, enhancing your business credibility and efficiency.

Yes, it's essential to register your logo. Logo protection falls under trademark law, safeguarding your products or services. Solubilis in Bangalore offers trademark registration for logos, ensuring legal protection and brand recognition. Trust us to secure your logo, enhancing your business's credibility and market presence.

GST stands for Goods and Service Tax, which offers three types of registration: Compulsory registration, voluntary registration, and registration under the composition scheme.

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