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We Solubilis Corporate Services as a corporate legal firm, bring you a wide range of business law services right from ROC, IPR, tax consultants and a lot more. We are assiduous in business providing and we offer our clients all types of corporate legal services. We are in the front to defend our clients from any kind of business legal issues by providing registration services as per law. We have well-informed professionals in the team to provide solutions at all the levels of your business. We are diversified in catering for the needs of the clients. We consult and provide, Private limited company registration, GST registration, income tax filing, FSSAI Registration, Company registration, ISO Registration, Copyright Registration and Trademark registration service in Bangalore.


Private limited company registration

Solubilis provides Private limited company registration services in Bangalore with a team of professionals. A Private limited company is a company that is incorporated under the Companies Act and not listed on a recognized stock exchange. The private limited company restricts the right to transfer the shares. The number of members is limited to 200 only for private limited companies.

LLP registration

Solubilis provides LLP registration services in Bangalore at a reasonable cost. Since the flexibility of the partners and the benefits of limited liability are combined, LLP is a profit- making business. Firms or individuals can be members of the LLP. The LLP should contain the suffix “LLP” at the end of the company name.

Public limited company registration

Solubilis offers Public limited company registration services at an affordable cost. The name of the company must have the suffix “Ltd”. For the enlistment of a Public limited company minimum of 7 members are required. For the transfer of shares, there are no restrictions.

Partnership firm registration

Solubilis provides partnership firm registration services in Bangalore with a team of professionals. The partnership firm is most popular because two or more people come together to blend skills and knowledge. Also, they share, profit and loss on an agreement which is made either orally or by deed. The partners could be friends, co-workers, relatives, or even strangers who share common interests and trust. The Partnership Act 1932, governs the registration. Solubilis provides partnership firm registration services simply and easily.

OPC Registration

OPC is One Person Company which enables a single person to establish a company. It is otherwise explained as a company formed with only one person as a member. This is indeed a revolution in the business field which breaks the traditional manner of having at least two individuals for the company formation. The OPC registration services are completely done online by Solubilis Corporate Services in Bangalore.

GST registration

Solubilis provides GST registration services in Bangalore at an affordable cost. GST is a single tax on the supply of goods and services which comes from the manufacturer/service provider to the consumer. GST has replaced multiple taxes like excise duty, service tax and value-added tax. GST has brought uniformity in the structure and the tax rate. Compliance is now easy. Consumers are now able to do the payment of single and transparent taxes.

Trademark registration

Trademark registration services are effectively done by Solubilis Corporate Services in Bangalore. The trademark is a visual symbol that pertains to goods or services. This indicates the trade connection between the goods/service and the consumers. Also, a trademark is a protection tool which increases the financing of the business. The trademark has a wider implication. Thus only when the trademark is registered it can act against the infringement.

Copyright registration

Solubilis provides copyright registration services through a strong team of experts. A copyright is provided for the owner of the subject an exclusive right over his/her work. The copyright is granted for a term of 60 years. When copyright is acquired, other than the owner cannot imitate, copy or reproduce. Music, books, sound recordings, films, paintings, software and training manuals can be copyrighted. The copyright thus obtained is transferable.

Patent registration

Solubilis provides Patent registration services with a team of professionals. A Patent is one of the intellectual property rights. The patent plays an important role in today’s technology- driven society. For an organization, patents are an important asset and add innovative strength. The patent granted by the government gives exclusive rights to the innovator. These patent rights last for 20 years and after that, the patent can be renewed. The registration and renewal processes are done by our professional team.

Design registration

Solubilis provides Design registration services in Bangalore with a team of experts. When the design is registered the owner has the sole right to use it and prevents infringement. The design registration boosts competitiveness and generates additional income for a company. Design registration is a catalogue for a product’s pattern, shape and design. There is the possibility of return on investment when the design is registered.


Trademark registration is not the state specific. It can be obtained by anyone from anywhere in India. Trademark enlists the symbols, words and logo, which represents the business. Trademarks are distinguished from one business to another. Solubilis has helped a lot of businesses to acquire Trademark registration in Karnataka at an affordable cost. It is a time-consuming process, only when applied along with supporting documents, the registration process is initiated. The total registration normally takes up to 8-12 months if there is no discrepancy from the department or from third party

Solubilis provides private limited company registration in Bangalore only when it has the following eligibility. The eligibility for private companies is the number of members must be between 2-200 members. The number of Directors must be at least 2 and the number of Shareholders must be at least 2. Each director must possess a DIN. There is no minimum capital required. . At least one of the Directors should be Indian.

The ISO certificate can be obtained from any ISO Accreditation body. Solubilis Corporate Services assist in getting ISO Registration certificate in Bangalore at a considerable cost. We are a team of experts who begin the process for the documents you have submitted. On thorough enquiry, the ISO is granted.

Yes. Indeed. The logo needs to be registered. The logo for the products or the services is protected by trademark law. The trademark registration can be done by the Solubilis Corporate Services in Bangalore.

The GST is Goods and Service Tax. The GST registration is of 3 types. They are Compulsory registration, voluntary registration and registration under the composition scheme.

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