Partnership Firm Registration in Bangalore

Get Partnership Firm Registration in Bangalore with Solubilis and enjoy the advantages of partnership Firm. We offer our services over Silk board, Yeshwanthpur, Bommanahalli, Hosur, Kr puram, Electronic city, Domlur, shanti Nagar and all other areas in Bangalore. In a partnership business, two or more people can form the business and divide the profits on the agreed ratio basis. When compared to other companies, the partnership firm registration has a minimal level of compliances. Partnership deed is a fundamental step to form a partnership firm. In India, partnership firm regulation is registered under the act of Indian partnership act 1932.

The maximum number of members in a partnership is 10 for a banking business and 20 for other business in a partnership firm registration. The partnership firm cannot be a debtor or creditor and cannot own any properties. The property, debit or credit of a partnership firm belongs to the partners in the eyes of law. As mentioned in the partnership deed if any debts occurred, it should be shared amongst the partners to avoid confusions in future.The registered firm is entitled to declare tax benefits under the provisions of Income Tax Acts. A registered Partnership firm will have better business opportunities due to reliability and can eventually enjoy a better Goodwill. Solubilis corporate service provides their eminent service with 10+ years experience.

Firm name:

  • Capital to be invested:
  • Mail id and Contact No:
  • Business activity:
  • Address of office:

Details of partners

  • 1. Copy of PAN of partner
  • 2. Copy of aadhar of partner.
  • 3. Email id and contact no of partners.

Proof of office

  • 1. Rental agreement copy, if taken on rent
  • 2. Copy of Electricity bill of premises.

    Benefits of Partnership Firm Registration

  • Ability to file case against Third Parties
  • Power to file suit against co-partners
  • Ability to claim Set-off
  • Higher Credibility
  • Conversion of Entity
  • Easy to commence
  • Privacy to do a business
  • Partnership firm employees are high in calibre
  • Greater borrowing capacity
  • Less formal and fewer legal obligations


A partnership firm shall be called as registered partnership firm, wherein the partnership deed is registered with a registrar of firms formed under the State government and complied all and necessary procedural formalities such as filing of return etc. as required under law. The partnership deed will not be registered with a registrar of firms in case of unregistered partnership.

Solubilis is the best service provider; we take 5-7 days to register the private limited company.

Capital is the initial amount in cash or kind contributed by the partners to start the business. It is not necessary for each partner to contribute equally to the capital. Contribution is based on the agreement between the parties.

Partners must be major (above the age of 18), should be sane and should not be disqualified by law from entering into a contract.

A minor admitted to the benefits of partnership, has the option to become a partner within six months of attaining majority. He has to give a public notice stating his acceptance or rejection of partnership. In the absence of a notice, it is considered that he has become a partner of the firm.

A Certificate of Partnership is a legal document filed with the state government to register a limited partnership. These vary by state and each has its own requirements, we recommend that you contact your State Department for more information about your State’s requirements.

If a partnership deed does not provide for duration or for dissolving the partnership in any manner, it is a Partnership at will.

Yes, a partner can transfer his interest in the business to an outsider, but only with the consent of all other partners.

A partnership firm cannot become a partner of another firm because it is not a legal person. However the partners may be partners in another firm in their individual capacity

The Partnership Act does not prohibit a non-citizen from joining an Indian partnership firm, subject to necessary clearances and permissions from satisfactory authorities in this regard.

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