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Solubilis Corporate Services is the best business service provider in the industry with strong group of professionals. We aspire to assist promoters in course of setting up their business and help out them to develop their enterprise. We yield excellent quality supplies for the best price for zealous entrepreneurs. We are experts who offer all kinds of registration services under one roof. The kinds of registrations are Trademark registration, Private limited company Registration, GST registration, income tax filing, FSSAI Registration, Company registration, One Person Company Registration , ISO Registration, Copyright Registration, Logo registration, Patent Registration, Design Registration and Barcode Registration. We aim at customer delight by providing satisfying services and it’s achieved through our team of experts.


Private limited company registration

Solubilis provides private limited company registration services in Coimbatore in a hassle- free manner. The private companies are held and controlled by a few private individuals. The shares of private limited companies are not available for trade in the market. Private limited companies can have endless succession. This means that death, insolvency or bankruptcy do not affect the existence of the private limited company. Also when registration is obtained, Private limited companies can enjoy separate legal entity status.

LLP registration

Solubilis provides LLP registration services in Coimbatore at a considerable cost. The LLP is a culmination of the benefits of both a limited liability company and a partnership firm. LLP can otherwise define as a body corporate also an individual legal personality separate from its partners. The LLP should continue the activities with a minimum of two partners. The registered LLP office must be present in the Indian location only. It does not require a compulsory audit as well.

OPC registration

The Solubilis provides OPC registration services in Coimbatore without any hidden charges. A person of Indian origin can form a one person company. As the name suggests a minimum of one director is needed for the OPC formation. Thus the shareholder can be the Director itself. The OPC is best suited for entrepreneurs. There is no necessary to hold board meetings and General meetings in the case of OPC. The liability of the member is also limited in OPC.

Public limited company

Solubilis provides the Public limited company registration service in Coimbatore at an affordable cost. The public limited company can have the flexibility of trading its shares. It has limited liability. This is a standard legal designation of a company. It is a preferred form of company for fundraising in India. A Public limited company is a good way of starting a bigger business in India. This has a transparent business model in India. This company leads to efficient management.

Partnership firm registration

A group professionals from Solubilis provide Partnership firm registration services in Coimbatore. A Partnership firm is formed when two or more people agree to divide the revenues from a legal business. The incorporation of a partnership firm is transparent and basic. Any individual, government or organization can become a partner in the partnership firm. Partnership firms create better business opportunities and moral support are gained when setbacks are faced. Tax benefits are also applicable for partnership firms.

FSSAI Registration

Solubilis offers FSSAI registration services in Coimbatore with a team of expert’s advice. The Food business operators who are involved in the manufacturing, storage and distribution of food products must need FSSAI registration. Based on the size of the FBO, FSSAI registration/license is provided. The FSSAI emblem and license number show that the FBO is valid under Food Safety and Standards Act. If the holder of the FSSAI registration is deceased, the license can be shifted to the legal representative of the dead person. Hence, FSSAI registration is inevitable in the food business.

GST registration

Solubilis is effectively doing GST Registration in Coimbatore at affordable cost. GST is an efficient tax regime. GST is described as a significant economic move post-independence. The exemption limit under the GST regime is higher when compared to the practices followed previously. The GST reduces the burden of taxes on registered taxpayers. Tax evading is abolished with the introduction of GST. This is also defined as a self-regulating tax system. GST registration helps the MSME in the aspects of access to finance and encroachment of financial discipline.

Trademark registration

Solubilis provides Trademark registration services in Coimbatore at an affordable cost.Trademark registration is important for flourishing the business. Trademarks are an exclusive form of Intellectual property that is distinct between the trade owners and others. The trademark helps in promoting the services/goods which provides information about the quality. This enables the company or the enterprise to acquire trademark rights to use and sell the registered mark.

Copyright registration

Solubilis provides Copyright registration services in Coimbatore with a team of experts. It is an intellectual property right granted over an original work by anyone. This enables the holder to reproduce, distribute and display the copyrighted work. Copyright laws protect music, literature and computer programs. It gives the right to translation and adaptation of the work. If the copyright is infringed, the author can sue the person who infringed the copyrighted work.

Patent registration

A group of legal professionals from Solubilis provides patent registration services in Coimbatore. A patent is granted to the inventor for an invention. The invention must be useful and new for obtaining patent registration. Patent registration defines the absolute right to the owner. From the date of application, the patent is valid for 20 years. Solubilis assists in the entire patent registration process since the registration is time-consuming and challenging for laymen.

Design registration

Solubilis provides design registration services at an affordable price. Design registration gives the owner exclusive rights and prevents others from using without permission. The features of the design like pattern, size, configuration, shape, color and composition are protected. The monopoly period of design registration is 10 years and it can be extended to 5 years. The registration gives the universal Selling Point (USP). The design should be new, not contrary to the morality that can have the design registration.


Firstly, please make sure what type of entity you want to form. If it is a private limited company on can check for the name availability in MCA services. Solubilis team will assist the client to check the name availability in MCA portal. Then along with the documents required the registering process is initiated. The applicant shall register with the Registrar of Companies. People may reach our Solubilis Corporate Services in Coimbatore regarding registration.

Anyone may apply for the registration of trademark through Solubilis . The process of trademark application are Trademark search, Filing of the trademark application, Examination, Journal publication, and registration. If there is any discrepancy in the applications then an objection will be raised. The response to the objection to be submitted to the trademark department with in two month from the date of examination report. If the response is accepted trademark is published in a Trademark journal. Following that, the trademark registration certificate is provided under the seal of the Trademark Office. This can be renewed after every ten years.

A Private limited company is an enlisted corporate Form by Solubilis, which provides a separate legal identity from its owners. It can have incorporation under the Companies Act 2013. There is no minimum capital for private limited company registration. One can form a private limited company with Rs 10,000 as the initial capital or below. It has to have a minimum of 2 directors and shareholders.

An entity which wishes to safeguard the information can apply for the ISO through Solubilis in Coimbatore. An accreditation body will issue the ISO certificate after successful completion and verification of the documents.

Yes. Professional tax is applicable in Coimbatore. Profession tax is levied according to chapter V-A of Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation Act 1981 tax on profession, calling, trade and employment.

GST number can be acquired with the help of Solubilis Corporate Services. Solubilis audit team is providing GST Registration, and GST Compliance services in Coimbatore at affordable cost. GST Registration will be granted by the department if the submitted documents are in order.

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