OPC Registration in Coimbatore

OPC registration in Coimbatore is a corporate structure which supports a proprietor to begin company with only one member by playing a role of director as well as the shareholder for the Company. One Person Companies are spreading widely in India which boosts the Indian economy. Many entrepreneurs are interested in starting an OPC company to get the legal status and to become popular among the public. Solubilis is one of the legal service provider who tops in trustworthy company registration service in Coimbatore. We offer multiple types of company registration service in Race Course, Avarampalayam, Pappanaickenpalayam, Gopalapuram, Nava India and Sidhapudhur.

OPC Registration in Coimbatore is limited by shares and run by a single person. This type of business structure is suitable for the business personals who does not have any profit of forming a limited liability due to the non-availability of a second member or shareholder. One Person Company was introduced by the Indian Companies Act, 2013. OPC registration in Coimbatore is not allowed to carry out any non-banking financial activities such as investments in securities of other companies. It cannot be formed as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO). An Indian citizen shall be the nominee of this One Person Company.

Documents Required For OPC Registration

ID Proof

PAN Card of the Director with Voter ID or Aadhar, Driving License is required

Address Proof

Recent electricity bill or bank statement

Registered Office Proof

Recent utility bill and Rental agreement if it is a rented property. Registry Proof or property Tax Receipt for owned property


Latest Passport size Photograph of the Director.

Benefits Of OPC Registration

Legal identity - OPC registration in Coimbatore has its own legal identity which is separate from its member.

Easy Conversion - It is easy to convert an OPC to other types of business structures and paperwork is very less.

Minimum Capital not required - The minimum capital is not necessary; the firm can be started within the capacity of the sole promoter.

Easy to Get Loans - Banking and financial institutions prefer to lend money to this type of firm rather than proprietary firms.

Social Recognition - One Person Company is the most popular business structure. So it gives customers a sense of confidence in business.

Tax Rate - In Opc registration the Tax rate is 30% like the private limited company on all profits

Easy Return Filing - In Opc the annual returns can be filed easily along with the signature of the director. The firm secretary’s signature is not required.

Limited Liability - Liability of the members is limited.

Flexibility and tax savings - The tax savings are made by the deductible expenses which reduces the profitability of the firm and brings down taxable income of the business.

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