Coir Board Registration in Coimbatore

We the Solubilis which is nominated as the best consultant assist in the Coir board registration services up to the satisfaction. We have now begun new units in various places in the city like Naraseepuram, Ramnagar, Somanur, kurumbapalayam and Nambiyur. Coir board is a statuary body which has been established under Government of India. Solubilis provides coir board registration service as the coir industry employs more than 7 lakh people; and most of them are from the rural areas. Its headquarters is now situated in Kochi. The board undertakes, assist and encourage scientific, economic and technological research. It fixes the grade standards and arranges for the inspection when necessary. The board also prevents the unfair competition by marketing ten coconut husk, fibre and the yarn. Our Solubilis team is equipped with trained professionals and they help in the coir board registration service- as the coir board ensures the remunerative returns.

Coir Board registration in Coimbatore is important as the board gives advice on all the matters related to the development of the coir industry. It also participate in setting up of the factories for the producer of the coir products. It provides maximum employment with limited investment and training programs to attain skilled manpower . The Coir board has recently developed fully automated versatile coir yarn spinning machine which is called as VAJRA, results in higher productivity. It can produce yarn of 50kg/8 hrs. Recently Uday pneumatic handloom is developed in which pneumatic cylinder is fixed on to the traditional handloom by the Coir board. Hence Coir board registration in Coimbatore is important which raises credibility among the public and in the eyes of the Government.

Documents required For Coir Board Registration in Coimbatore

  • Application in form annexure ii
  • The original and copy of export order from the overseas buyer
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Certificate of financial status from a nationalized bank
  • Code of Conduct of the exporters
  • Copy of IE code
  • Copy of Udyog Aadhar
  • Copy of certificate of insurance
  • In case of partnership firm deed, MOA and AOA
  • If small scale industry is involved, then copy of SSI certificate

Benefits Of Coir Board Registration in Coimbatore

  • It regulates the training programs.
  • It collects statistics from the manufacturer.
  • It fixes the standards.
  • Improves the marketing of the husk.
  • It promotes the cooperative organization of the husk.

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