GI Registration

Geographical Indications (GI)

Solubilis offer GI registration service in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and anywhere in India. Geographical Identifications are one of the Intellectual properties exclusively relating the product and its region. Both product and Geography are identified with simultaneous manner. If some place names utters, the next minute it strikes the famous product from that place. Kanchipuram Silk is the best example of that. Kanchipuram silk has not comes in the recent business development. Many innovative and talented weavers are practicing the weaving art for centuries. Such magnum opus designs and products are still having the distinctive qualities. They not only stand as a name in Tamil Nadu, India but also overall world. Likewise, many other products have this Geographical Identifications. For example.

  • Nagpur-Oranges
  • Erode-Turmeric
  • Salem- Mango
  • Tirupati- Laddu
  • Madurai- Jasmine
  • Mysore- Silks
  • Darjeeling-Tea
  • Coorg-Arabica Coffee
  • Mahabaleshwar-Strawberry
  • Tanjore-Ornamental plates etc.

Registration of Geographical Indications and benefits :

Registering of Geographical Identification is come with the overall reach throughout the world. It is one of best ways to improve the global market and popularity. Main motto of GI registration comes to eradicate illegal making of similar products and its market selling. Passing the illegal product with the same of GI territory is reducing the product’s genuineness. This process can easily stoppable by GI registration. GI similar to other Intellectual Property Rights like Brand name, Copyright, design and pattern.GI registration are required to get authorized permission from its respective Association. Individual products are applied along with product relating Affidavits and No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the respective Associations. Then only RGI tags are used on the product’s label. Like other Intellectual properties, GI also follows the common steps of Objection, Opposition, Examination, Journal publication registration and renewal.

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