Trust Registration in Chennai

Solubilis offers reliable Trust registration in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Cochin. A Trust is a structure where someone holds property for the well-being of beneficiaries. Typically, trusts are established to fulfil charitable or religious goals for the public's benefit. Closely held family trusts focus on the welfare of family members and dependents. Rely on Solubilis for seamless Online Trust registration in Chennai, ensuring your intentions are legally upheld. Choose us for hassle-free and comprehensive solutions, making the process simple and effective. Your trust matters, and we're here to ensure it's established with precision and care.

Who should opt for this trust?

For those looking to engage in charitable endeavours, a charitable trust is ideal. Likewise, a family's Karta can establish a private trust for the welfare of family members. Explore hassle-free trust formation with us!

Discover various types of trusts recognized by law, categorized as written or oral trusts. Opting for a written trust is administratively preferable. Trusts can be public, serving the broader community, or private, catering to individual or family needs.

Private trusts further divide into specific trusts with ascertainable beneficiary shares and discretionary trusts where shares are unascertainable. Delve into the nuances of trust structures, ensuring your choice aligns with your objectives.

For those devoted to religious and charitable causes, explore the option of forming a religious and charitable trust. Whether it's the establishment, maintenance, or worship of idols, deities, or objects tied to religion, our services streamline the process. Trust in us for comprehensive support in navigating the intricate landscape of trust formation.

Proposed trustees and settlers should submit documents like

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Additionally, two witnesses should provide

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter id/Driving Licence - Two Witness
  • Mobile number and e-Mail id

Registered Office documents:

  • If the office is rented, a rental agreement is a must for online Trust registration in Chennai.

For a seamless online Trust registration in Chennai, the above mentioned documents need to be provided.

Forming a trust involves three key elements: The author or settler, the trustee, and the beneficiary

According to Section 6 of the Indian Trust Act, 1882, the trust is established when the author expresses a clear intention, specifies the trust's purpose, and identifies the beneficiary.

The trust property, created to fulfil the trust's objectives, plays a vital role.

Simplify the trust registration online process with us, ensuring clarity and adherence to legal requirements.


A trust can be established with a minimum of two members and a maximum of 21 members

Under Section 4 of the Indian Trust Act 1882, trusts can be created for lawful purposes. A trust requires a written document, signed by trustees or a sole trustee, and can also be established through a will. There's no specific form for trust creation, but the objectives must be clear and unambiguous.

According to Section 7 of the Indian Trusts Act 1882, a trust can be formed by a person capable of making a contract. Additionally, a trust can be established on behalf of a minor with the permission of the Civil Court.

As per Section 78 of the Indian Trusts Act 1882, a trust can be cancelled on specific grounds. Trustees hold the authority to cancel the trust at their discretion. Alternatively, if the trust deed includes provisions for cancellation, it can be revoked accordingly. In cases where the trust is created by the author to repay a debt, and this information is not conveyed to the creditor, the author retains the right to cancel the trust.

Yes, modifications can be implemented through a rectification or supplementary deed.

A trust typically consists of three key positions: President, General Secretary, and Treasurer. In certain instances, a Vice President may also be included in the structure.

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