Society Registration in Chennai

Solubilis provide Society registration services in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and anywhere in India. Society shall mean an association of persons united together by mutual consent to determine, deliberate and act jointly for some common purposes. Such as promotion of Education, Art, Religion, Music, Sports etc. Societies registration Act 1860, lays down procedure for registration of societies for various purposes stated in the act. Such societies should also complywith the respective statesocieties registration act and rules, in case the state has formed a separate society registration act for the regulation of the societies in the state.

Who should prefer to form Society Company?

Two or more Individual or association who wishes to promote charitable objects such as Arts, Sports, Education, Social welfare, etc. can prefer such type of formation of Societies.

  • Formation of society is less complicated comparisons with Sec 8 companies under the Companies Act.
  • The procedure for the registration is simple and easy.
  • Similarly, selection of the name is not difficult and can be obtained of a discussion of registrar of societies.
  • Management of the society is simple and easy and not much restrictions have been imposed under the act.
  • The management of the society is being managed by governing body elected by the members of the society.
  • A registered society is also a legal entity.
  • Society may be an unregistered society also, however, if the number exceeds twenty and or the annual gross income is more than 10,000/- such society should register compulsorily under the societies registration act.
  • Society shall hold properties in their name represented by the managing trustee,however the property will be administered by the managing committee.

Member of the society:

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Aadhar Card/Voter id/Driving Licence - Two Witness
  • Mobile number and mail id
  • Objective of society formation


Yes. The special general body may be convened not later than 40 days after receipt of the requisition by 1/3 of the members for a specific purpose.

A member can be fined under Sec.28 for an illegal act.

A Society / Association is an organized group of people with the sole aim and objectives of non-profitable service. Registration of Societies is optional. Registration of such an association will have legal recognition. It will be possible to run society legally with discipline. Society can sue and be sued.

Yes, since records of the Society are deemed to be public records, under section 24 any person can get copy and produce as evidence.

Every year the society within fifteen days from the date of the General Body meeting shall submit a list to the Registrar of societies. And that list shall contain the names and addresses of the members of the Managing Committee (Executive Committee) and officers entrusted with the management of the society.

Executive Committee shall meet at least once in three months; and General Body shall meet at least once in a year.

Amendments, if any, made shall be filed with Registrar.

Minutes of all the meetings shall be filed with the Registrar of Societies.

Society shall elect Executive Committee members as per its bylaws.

Memorandum can be amended by approval in a special General Body Meeting called for the purpose after giving due notice and by approval another special General Body Meeting called after 30 days again. Byelaws can be amended by approval of majority of members in Special General Body Meeting. Such amended byelaws shall be filed with the Registrar within one month.

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