Trademark Registration in Chennai

Solubilis provide Trademark registration in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and anywhere in India. A trademark is a business symbol, which helps the people to identify a particular product or service. The trademark can be a word, symbol, label, numerals or combination of colours used to distinguish from other similar goods or services. A registered trademark protects the goodwill of product and service and legally stop other’s unlawful usage. A registered trademark will be valid for 10 years. There are 45 trademark classes available for trademark registration. An individual can register their trademark under the class which belongs to his business.

Why trade mark registration is a vital one?

  • Trademark registration secures your brand name at the time of business expansion registered trademark is better than finding a new one.
  • No other companies not allowing to use this name without your permission and it will carry your business
  • To protect the existing customers, simple and good name with proper registration are helpful one for business longevity.
  • On the internet and social media brand name is the first thing gather its consumers while registered trademark get more reach.
  • Trademark is an intangible asset. It easily gains a positive feeling and increases the business growth.

Trademark registration in foreign nationals:

Trademark rights are discriminate one from country to country. A foreigner can protect his trademark by registering the trademark in India. As similar, Indians can also register their trademark in foreign nationals. Indian trademark law governs the Trade- Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). So, the registered trademark obtaining the trans-border reputation.

Solubilis will assist in all possible ways to register your trademark. We are you trademark representatives and continuously monitor, track the stage of process and update all recent updates on trademark. To minimise this task, trademark related information will enlist on our official website. So, now it is easy to know your registration process time to time. In case of any legal objection, opposition occurred Solubilis legally encounter the issue until its completion.


Trademark is a word, name, logo, tagline, unique symbol, label, combining with numerals and different varied colours. Trademark is used for both goods and services and it’s to distinguishing business goods among similar products. It is considered as important business asset.
A person who wants to claim ownership on a specific and unique word or a logo can apply for trademark registration. It should belong to goods or service.
Three points to be taken into consideration while choosing a name First - avoid choosing a word that is descriptive of the goods or services. Example: Open Doors as brand name for Doors will not be allowed and Second - Avoid general names of any form – say backbone, lake view, power, liquidity etc, Third - avoid existing names, similar / phonetically similar names.
Trademark registration is made over 45 difference classes according to the NICE classification. Each class representing different set of goods and services. While filing a trademark application its mandatory to mention good or service category.
Once the application for Trademark is filed, the registrar will examine the application based on the Similar / General names already in record, if the trademark application filed found to be similar with existing name in record or general name, the register will raise objection we have to submit our response along with supporting documents within One Month from the date of receipt of objection or have to apply for a hearing. If the reply is not filed within one month application will be refused.
It’s followed after the acceptance of trademark, The Trademark filed by us found to be unique after examination the examiner will accept the trademark, It is the process conveys and granting an opportunity for the public to raise opposition if any infringement found on this trademark. The trademark will be allowed for registration after 4 months from the date of advertisement.
Opposition of trademark is a opportunity given to public after the advertisement of trade mark in the Journal of trademark registry, any person can file opposition to the registration of the trade mark within 4 months from the date of advertisement. A third party usually oppose when there is a similar trademark to their existing trademark is published in the Journal. It’s mandatory to file counterstatement within two months from the date of opposition.
A trademark is obligatory and renewable one from time to time. Failure to renew may lead to the removal of trademark from the trademark register. Renewal is due after the ten years from the date of filing Trademark application.

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