Trademark Registration in Chennai Trademark is a word , phrase, symbol or design or a combination of those that identifies and distinguish the source of goods of one party from those of others. So your trademark is studiously crafted personality of your product or services or your company or Institution.

Extensive use of trademark make the users/clients to remember your product through the mark. Trademark creates and retain customers. We can say Your trademark result in building the images of the company which finally build the goodwill of your corporate.

Why loose this intangible Assets?. Solubilis corporate services LLP assist you in protecting your trademark through a proper registration process. You simply follow our step by step instruction given in our web site and provide required information to our team. Solubilis will submit your application to the registry on your behalf, monitor the registration process and update you timely. You need not go to the registry to know the status of your application, you just visit our site and get the ubdated information on registration your trademark. Our team will update the staus online very regularly in our site.

Incase of any objection or litigation, solubilis expert team will represent your case and handhold you till the completion of registration of trademark.

We discuss our fee transperently and charge you nominally for the professional services we render to you. You are rest assured that there will be no more hidden charges for the registration of your trademark.

Normally the applicant shall use the letters "TM" along with their mark once your application is accepted by the registry. Similarly, once the registration of your trademark is completed, you shall use the letter "R" along with your trademark or name. Registration of trademark is country specific process. If you wish to register your trademark in any other country/ies, you should make a seperate application whcih solubilis can help you out in the process.

The trademark which creates your business goodwill, is one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy . Why loose this opportunity when your trusted friend Solubilis supports you all through the registration process. Engage us and enjoy our services.


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