PAN / TAN Registration

PAN (Permanent Account Number):

Solubilis provide PAN and TAN registration services in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and anywhere in India. process of applying PAN and TAN registration in Chennai is an easy process. PAN is a ten digit number coming with the combination alphabets and numerical usage. It is directly issued from the Income Tax department. PAN Card number is necessary for every taxpayer in India. This Permanent Account Number enables to detect all the transactions of tax payer. It can easily identify the tax returns, tax payment and other transaction limit control. The usage of PAN card is a necessary one in the processes like Opening of a new bank account, high investment, luxury purchases and foreign exchanges and so on. NRIs need the PAN to progress their business in India. Residential and non-Residential Indians need to obtain PAN card. Other than the business progress, at the time of property buying, It is an essential one.

Benefits of PAN registration:

PAN card registration is using in various places as,

  • IT Return filing
  • IT refunds
  • Form a new business
  • Opening a new bank account
  • Identity proof
  • Tax deductions

TDS or TAN registration:

TDS is a Tax Deducted at Sources and it is a tax collected from government of India. Tax is deducted at the time of money is credited to the beneficiary’s account. TDS can be from salary, Insurance policy, and other purpose. The deduction of amount is deposited to the IT Department. TDS returns is filed by the organisation and employer who having Tax deduction Account Number (TAN) and tax collection operations. It is very helpful one to check the tax evasion. It saves the tax payer from paying huge tax all at once in the financial year. Central Board of Direct Tax (CBDT) is framing the norms and regulations for Tax Deduction Source. Obviously, it is one of the remarkable sources of Indian Revenue Service Department. To deduct the amount of deductee, the deductormakes a certificate and other provisions. These are calling as TDS certificate. It is mandatory one for obtaining TDS certificate. TDS paying is also following the prescribed time limit. During this period the deductor must pay the deductees’ amount without any fail. From individuals to Senior citizens have different slabs of TDS.

TDS Return:

Apart from depositing the tax, deduction it is obligatory duty and responsibility of filing TDS return. Commonly, TDS is ranging from 1% to 10%. TDS is a quarterly statement submitting to the IT department. There are certain details and information is required to filing a TDS return.

  • PAN Card (both deductor and deductee)
  • Tax amount paid to the government
  • TDS challan details
  • Others if any required.

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