Legal Metrology Certification

The Legal Metrology Act 2009, has been established which enforces the standards of weights and the measures and other goods that are sold or distributed. The extent of legal metrology differs in various countries. According to the international practices, the legal metrology has the application to three broad fields. They are commercial transactions, human safety and the industrial measurements and measurements needed for ensuring public health. Hence legal metrology is basic for guaranteeing the correctness in the commercial transactions. It is a mandatory rule to the company should do regular and periodic updates and license renewals towards the Legal Metrology department.

The legal metrology serves as the link between supplier and the user and guards the interest of the both. When it is properly applied the legal metrology promotes the social and economic benefits. It helps to avoid the unfair practices and competition. It is done by encouraging the ethics in all transactions and strengthening the principles. It encourages the entrepreneurs to comply with the resolutions on service and the manufacturers. The legal metrology curbs social tension by helping people to obtain protection of interest and the rights. In the procurement of justice it strengthens the functions of the Government.

Mandatory details required for Packed or Repacked commodities:

  • The Name and address of the manufacturer/ Packer
  • The net quantity of weight, manufacturing month and year should mentioned in number on the package
  • Mention the MRP (Maximum Retail Price)
  • The packaged commodity should clearly marked with the net content on its predominant place.

Documents Required For Packer Licence:


  • PAN Card Self Attested
  • Aadhar Card self attested
  • Premises Proof
  • Weigh scale certificate
  • GST Certificate
  • Mobile and mail id
  • Packing product and quantity details


  • Company PAN
  • PAN card and Aadhar card - All Partners with self attested
  • Partnership Deed
  • Premises Proof
  • Weigh scale certificate
  • GST Certificate
  • Mobile and mail id
  • Packing product and quantity details

Private Limited,Limited Liability:

  • Company PAN
  • PAN card and Aadhar card - All Directorswith self attested
  • Incorporation Certificate,MOA and AOA
  • Premises Proof
  • Weigh scale certificate
  • GST Certificate

Benefits of legal metrology:

  • It enhance and support trade
  • It builds and provide consumer trust
  • It diminish transaction cost
  • Eliminate technical barricade in trade
  • Collecting government revenue


This means that metrology which has a budget to ensure public guarantee from the point of view of safety and accuracy of weight and measurement in relation to mandatory technical and legal requirement, calculates weights and measures and weighing and measuring instruments. Size.

To ensure uniform implementation of laws pertaining to legal metrology across the country, Government Legal Metrology Act, 2009, (2) Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, () Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011, and ()) Meghalaya Legal Metrology (Enforcement) has implemented: Rules, 2011.

Yes, the department licenses the manufacturer of weights, traders and measures for weight correction equipment and weighing equipment and measurement transactions, licensing is required.

Each weight and measure is manufactured according to the specification and model prescribed by the government. Of India. The weights and measures used by the traders are checked and stamped by the inspector of the lawful metrology department, after proper verification, the seals and quarters in which he checks to ensure the integrity of the inspector's stamp.

The controller of the legal metrology department is the competent authority for issuing licenses. The application for a license should be submitted to the Inspector of Legal Metrology, who will inspect the pay and send it to the Controller of Legal Metrology with a recommendation for consideration.

Any item, which is placed in the package where the customer is not present, whether of nature, sealed or not, so that the product contained in it has a pre-determined quantity is a pre-packaged item.

No, overcharging is an offense for which a trader can be prosecuted.

Net quantity in relation to the item contained in the package, excluding packaging or wrapper, quantity by weight, size or number of such item contained in the package.

The followings are the mandatory assertions required on a bundle which have been imported and ready to move:
i. Name and Address of the Shipper OR packer OR Producer.
ii. The normal and conventional names of the products.
iii. Net amount as far as Standard Unit of weight or measure.
iv. Month and Year of Pressing/bringing in.
v. Most extreme Retail Value MRP Rs..… … . (Comprehensive of All Charges).
vi. Contact no./email of the producer/packer/shipper.
vii. Assertion might be imprinted on a Name safely joined to the bundle or on a bundle itself.
viii. Assertion will be imprinted in Hindi or in English.

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