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Solubilis Consulting in Coimbatore specializes in HR Consulting services, covering comprehensive legal and labor compliance, designing employee benefit packages, ensuring adherence to PF, ESI, PT, LWF, gratuity, and bonus regulations, and serving as a mediator between management and staff. Our HR consulting offers various services such as Payroll Processing, Statutory Compliance Audits, Business Registration Compliance, Accounting, and On-site Employee Healthcare Solutions in Coimbatore.
We deliver Human Resource consulting in Coimbatore, offering an impartial perspective from an outsider's viewpoint. Solubilis ensures cost-effective and value-added outsourcing solutions, tailoring services to cut costs, enhance productivity, and elevate quality for our clients.

Role of Human Resource Management

• Recruiting and hiring staff.
• Conducting interviews and negotiating salaries.
• Drafting employee appointment letters.
• Fostering team cohesion and well-being.
• Providing employee training.
• Maintaining accurate employee records.

Frequent discrepancies reported to HR consultancies are thoroughly assessed, examined, and addressed through suggested and implemented solutions. Our Human Resource consulting services in Coimbatore specialize in executing new policies and procedures effectively. Solubilis ensures expert guidance to optimize the efficiency of HR operations. Solubilis HR consulting services in Coimbatore encompass various HR functions, including conducting interviews, salary negotiation, and drafting employee appointment letters for companies. We focus on reducing time and costs associated with hiring. Enthusiastic about preparing job descriptions, legally appointing apprentices, and designing employee grading systems, our HR consulting adheres to diverse legal requirements.

HR Consulting & Compliance Services

Statutory HR compliance involves the set of legal regulations that organizations must adhere to when dealing with their workforce. It's crucial to follow both central government labor codes and state labor rules.

We deal with the HR consulting and compliance procedures as stated below:
• Complete solutions for legal and labor code compliance
• Handling registrations, licensing, filing of applications, annual returns, and renewals under various Acts and Rules
• Maintenance of required statutory registers and records
• Addressing pending statutory issues
• Managing compliance related to PF, ESI, PT, LWF, Payment of Bonus & Gratuity
• Responding to government notices and representing on behalf of clients
• Managing Contract Labor and ensuring compliance through contract drafting, review, and adherence to relevant acts and rules.

Ensuring statutory compliance benefits everyone involved in a company - employees, employers, and the organization itself. It's vital for all organizations, regardless of size, to adhere to both central and state labor codes. Failure to comply can result in severe legal actions initiated by the authorities. Non-compliance with labor codes can lead to various consequences:
• Work disruptions
• Damage to the company's reputation and credibility
• Suspension or cancellation of operational licenses
• Loss of trust from stakeholders and investors
• Imposition of fines
• Decline in customer loyalty
• Legal liabilities, both civil and criminal
• Reduced productivity
• Potential penalties against company directors or officers
• Withdrawal of fiscal benefits
• Ultimately, extreme cases could lead to company shutdowns.

To commence HR consulting services in Coimbatore, certain documents are necessary. Obtaining GST registration is crucial for any HR consultancy business. Establishing an online presence through a domain name is essential as it enhances business credibility and accountability.

Employee Records
• Maintenance of Statutory Records:We handle statutory record-keeping for employee details, compensation, and all other records mandated by labor laws.
• Filing returns: We assist in filing regular returns required under applicable laws. • Reply to Notices: We manage and respond to official notices on your behalf.

HR Policies
• Formulation of Human Resources Policies & Procedures based on the industry domain and categories of people employed.

Certification of Standing Orders
• To oversee recruitment terms, dismissals, disciplinary actions, holidays, worker categorization, wage systems, attendance management, etc.
• Authority to hire Company Apprentices, Contract, and Casual workers, etc.

Recruitment Support
• Performing personal interviews and assessments, negotiating salaries, and selecting suitable candidates as per job requirements.
• Drafting Appointment Letters with all current applicable legal terms including trainees, probationers, contract labours and apprentices.
• Creating appointment letters with relevant legal terms for trainees, probationers, contract labourers, and apprentices.
• Advising and executing the on boarding process.

• Outsourcing recruitment processes and providing placement support.
Solubilis manages statutory registers and records as part of its HR consulting services in Coimbatore. Additionally, we assist in resolving outstanding statutory matters, responding to government notifications, and submitting regular returns in accordance with relevant laws.
Moreover, Solubilis in India focuses on evaluating employee training requirements, handling employee disciplinary matters, and managing employee performance.

HRM Process
Human Resource Management (HRM) oversees recruitment outsourcing, placement support, and various HR tasks. HRM, often known as HR, handles personal interviews, salary negotiations, and the creation of appointment letters with legal terms. We provide services post-recruitment, such as drafting employee agreements, crafting job descriptions, establishing salary structures, and creating employee grading systems.
A company's success is closely linked to its employees, making HRM vital for a healthy business. HRM aids in staying competitive by monitoring the job market and managing necessary technological advancements and strategies. Human resource consulting is crucial for managing changes in the business world effectively. HR strategies involve assessing, planning, and addressing various needs for successful execution.
HR consulting services in Coimbatore also include payroll processing, ensuring monthly salaries are processed accurately and compliant with legal standards. Efficient HR management ensures effective employee performance, allowing for fair appraisals, promotions, and transfers. We believe fostering a strong workplace culture is key to enhancing productivity, and we take pride in offering these HR consultancy services with our expert team.
Employee Induction, Compensation & Benefits Management
• After Hiring Process – Creating specific Employment Agreements covering all terms, Recruitment & Introduction procedures, and necessary Employee Paperwork, including fixed-term service agreements and service bonds.
• Official Appointment of Apprentices & Contract Staff.
• Ensuring Compliance with Minimum Wage Regulations for Employees.
• Developing Job Descriptions.
• Establishing New or Revising Existing Salary Structures.
• Creating an Employee Grading System.

Our benefits specialists will oversee all employee benefits for our client companies. This includes planning staff requirements, analyzing job roles, setting job descriptions and employee levels, creating induction programs for new hires, and managing benefit enrolments during the annual enrollment period.

Key Areas of Other HR Guidance Services offered are:
• Pre and Post-Employment Medical Assessments.
• Evaluating Employee Training Requirements.
• Guidance on Vendor Appointments & Contract Staff Regulations.
• Handling Employee Discipline Matters.
• Administering Employee Compensation & Benefits.
• Managing Correspondence and Responding to Authorities.
• Representing Labor Cases.
• Employee Performance Review and Evaluation.
• Strategies for Employee Retention & Exit Processes.
• Handling Full & Final Settlement of Employee Service Accounts.
• Offering General & Life Insurance, including Gratuity Insurance Schemes.

Employee Performance Management (PMS)
Performance management involves ongoing communication between managers and employees to achieve organizational goals through continuous feedback on work performance.
The system systematically measures employee performance, influencing salary adjustments, promotions, and transfers. Regular evaluations determine whether a salary increase aligns with the employee's performance ratings and responsibilities. Establishing a robust workplace culture is crucial for enhancing productivity.
Our approach includes regular assessments and tailored training programs to enhance employees' skills, providing essential guidance to design increment policies for diverse employee categories.

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