Partnership Firm Registration

Partnership Firm registration involves two or more individuals managing a business together, sharing profits and losses based on their contributions. Ideal when multiple owners are involved, it requires no fixed share capital. A written partnership agreement is crucial, outlining company details like name, registered office address, nature of business, and profit-sharing ratios. Simplify your Partnership Firm registration process with Solubilis, ensuring your agreement aligns with your business scale and objectives. Trust us for expert guidance in creating a robust partnership structure.


Online partnership firm registration involves submitting an application to the registrar in the relevant jurisdiction. All partners must sign the application and partnership agreement. Upon document satisfaction, the Registrar of Firms registers the partnership in the Register and issues a Certificate. Simplify your registration process with Solubilis for a seamless experience.

Pre Requisites

To start a partnership firm,

  • You need a minimum of two and a maximum of a hundred persons.
  • The partnership deed outlines business objectives and partner details, including sharing ratios.
  • There's no fixed minimum share capital, providing flexibility for partners.

Simplify your partnership journey with Solubilis for expert guidance and seamless partnership firm registration online.


A partnership firm, governed by the Partnership Act of 1932, is characterized by:

  • Profit and loss sharing per agreement
  • Unlimited liability
  • Formation through a registered agreement
  • Partners acting as agents
  • Share transfer with mutual consent
  • Partnership Deed on a stamp paper.

We assist for seamless partnership firm registration and expert guidance.

For Partnership Firm Registration, provide:

  • Firm Name
  • Capital to be invested
  • Mail id and Contact No
  • Business activity
  • Address of office

Details of partners

  • Copy of PAN of partner
  • Copy of aadhar of partner.
  • Email id and contact no of partners.

Proof of office

  • Partner's PAN Copy
  • Partner's Aadhar Copy

Simplify your partnership firm registration process with these steps:

Step 1: name approval
Obtain approval from the central government to avoid future legal issues.

Step 2: Draft a partnership deed
A crucial document specifying sharing ratios and legal details for the partnership.

Step 3: Applying a PAN card in the partnership name
Obtain a PAN card in the partnership firm's name for tax compliance.

Step 4: filing a registration application:
Detail the company, business nature, and commencement in the application.

Step 5: submit the required documents:
Provide necessary documents for the online partnership firm registration process.

Step 6: certificate from the registrar:
Upon document examination, the registrar issues a certificate, officially recording the firm. Trust Solubilis for a hassle-free registration experience.


A registered partnership firm is one where the partnership deed is officially recorded with the state government's registrar of firms, fulfilling all procedural requirements and filing necessary returns. Conversely, an unregistered partnership doesn't undergo this registration process. Solubilis ensures a seamless process for both registered and unregistered partnerships, guiding you through the legal formalities.

The registration process duration varies, typically taking 15-20 days for a partnership firm. This duration includes steps like name approval, drafting the partnership deed, applying for PAN, filing the registration application, submitting required documents, and obtaining the registration certificate from the registrar. Solubilis ensures a swift and hassle-free registration experience.

Capital, the initial sum in cash or kind, kick-starts a business and is contributed by partners. Equal contributions aren't mandatory; it depends on mutual agreements. Solubilis assists in structuring capital contributions to align with partnership agreements, ensuring a smooth business commencement.

Partners in a firm must be adults, mentally sound, and not legally disqualified from contract participation.

A minor, enjoying partnership benefits, can choose partnership within six months of adulthood. Issuing a public notice expressing acceptance or rejection is required. In the absence of notice, it's presumed the minor becomes a partner.

A Certificate of Partnership is a crucial legal document filed with the state government for limited partnership registration. Requirements vary by state, and it's advisable to consult your State Department for specific information on your state's regulations.

A Partnership at Will is formed when a partnership deed doesn't specify a duration or dissolution method.

A partner can transfer their business interest to an outsider only with the unanimous consent of all partners, ensuring transparency and mutual agreement in the partnership.

A partnership firm cannot be a partner in another firm as it lacks legal personhood. However, individual partners within the firm may participate in other partnerships in their personal capacity.

The Partnership Act allows non-citizens to join an Indian partnership firm, provided they obtain the necessary clearances and permissions from the relevant authorities.

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