SSI / MSME Registration in Chennai

MSME (Micro, Small, Medium, Enterprise) / SSI (Small Scale Industries).

Solubilis provide SSI & MSME registration services in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and anywhere in India.The business firm or entity which possessed with the fixed limit of capital investment to their service sector or manufacturing or eligible to the category of Micro, Small, Medium, business enterprises. (MSME / SSI). The registration for SSI unit has the memorandum into two segments. The person who wants to start Micro, Small, Medium (MSME /SSI) enterprise he should do the filing the entity or business firm which commits to any service rendering or the production of any manufacturing goods as their small business they shall file the form EM Part-I. It is an essential one for business and it should be submitted before the commencement of business.

If the entity involved with any manufacturing production or rendering services they shall submit the EM Part-II file as their next procedure. In case your entity omits or not filing of the EM Part-II registration within two years period of EM Part-I, it will lead to the condition of the entity will invalid one.

Business Field Business Mode Invesment Limitation
Manufacturing Micro Enterprise 25 Lakhs
Manufacturing Small Enterprise 5 crores
Manufacturing Medium Enterprise 10 crores
Service Micro Enterprise 10 Lakhs
Service Small Enterprise 2 Crore
Service Medium Enterprise 5 Crore

Changes in EM Part - II of MSME / SSI:

If any changes in the in the investment of capital, it should inform to the District Industries Centre as the same note of EM Part-II within the three months of period after changing the capital. If it necessary one regardless of your previous registration of EM Part - II.

If any changes in the service, product or any work extension regarding on changes also produce the written note to the District Industries Centre within the three months of changes without considering Entrepreneurs Memorandum which already filed.

Mandatory clearance of Pollution Control Board necessary for the following entities comes under register as MSME / SSI:

Animal and vegetable Plantations and Processing used by Tannery, Sago, Starch, fertilizers, Distillery, paper and paper pulp, Textile processing, Man Made Fibre units, Chemical Industries, Dying and Bleaching, Aromatic Chemicals, Asbestos Industries, Pesticides and Insecticides, Solvent Factories, Petroleum Refineries, Petro Chemical Industries, Refractories, Heat Treatment, Thermal Power Stations, Drug and Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Foundry, Electro Plating, Photo Film Manufacturing Paints and Varnishes.


The manufacturing sectors registered under MSME can preferred with capital subsidy which based on the location of the enterprise and its investment amount of the on a particular business sector. There is also a restriction and cancellations of subsidy without consider the investment and location, which applied on certain entities.

The Sector Activity Which Not Eligible for MSME / SSI:

Entity which follow harmful and impressionable handling of works include Aluminium smelting, audio cassette recording, azo/reactive dyes, beedies/cigarettes/cigars/gutka and tobacco-based products cadmium cyanide, calcium carbide, caustic soda, cement, clock and watch repair shops, coffee roasting and grinding, colour processing units, country bricks, cyanide, distilleries, brewery and malt extraction, fertiliser, fertiliser mixing, fire crackers, Fluro carbon gas. Hotels, ice candy making, industries manufacturing and/or utilizing ozone depleting substances, iron and steels smelting, kandasari unit, knitting, mining and quarrying, nylon fibre, photo copying and Xerox machines, photo studios, polyester fibre, popcorn, potassium cyanide, potassium chloride, potassium gold cyanide, poultry, power laundries, rayon fibre, repacking, of drugs/medicine/chemical, without any processing or value addition, saw mills, slaughter house, sodium cyanide, spinning, sugar, textiles, units utilizing molasses/rectified spirit/denatured spirit as raw material for manufacture of potable alcohol, video cassette recording, weaving, zinc cyanide.

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