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Solubilis Corporate Services provides business solutions to clients. We are specialists in Corporate Services and we have experience over a decade. We also deliver an immense range of solutions under corporate law, intellectual property law, taxation law, Labour law, etc. We have provided solutions to many companies according to their needs. Our firm broadens in providing the following services in Chennai. They are Trademark registration, Private limited company Registration, GST registration, income tax filing, FSSAI Registration, Company registration, One Person Company Registration , ISO Registration, Copyright Registration, Logo registration, Patent Registration, Design Registration and Barcode Registration. We aim at customer delight by providing satisfying services and it’s achieved through our team of experts.


Private limited company registration

Solubilis provides Private limited company registration services in Chennai with a team of professionals. A Private limited company registration ensures the limited liability of members. A Private limited company requires a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 200 members for the formation. We assist throughout the registration process with team experts.

LLP registration

Solubilis Corporate Services provides LLP registration services in Chennai at an affordable cost. For the LLP registration minimum of 2 members are required. The maximum number of members in an LLP is unlimited. LLP can be easily formed, with less compliance. LLP is a separate legal entity.

OPC registration

OPC is one person Company. The concept of One Person Company is a game-changer in the business field. The OPC can have one member or a shareholder. There is no minimum paid-up capital for forming the OPC. Solubilis Corporate Services in Chennai provides OPC registration services with a team of experts. Only when the registration is complete, OPCcan enjoy several privileges under the Companies Act.

Sole Proprietorship company registration

Sole proprietorship consists of natural person and not an artificial legal entity. The formation of Sole proprietorship in Chennai does not need special laws. The proprietor/owner of the business has the complete dominance over the business. Being own boss for the business, profit or loss both are bearable by the proprietor himself/herself alone.

Partnership firm registration

A Partnership firm is formed when minimum of two members come together to form the company. The partnership firm registration services are made by Solubilis Corporate Services in Chennai. Each member is called a “partner”. One of the main aspects of partnership firm registration services is the sharing of workload. This shall pave the way for more production. Also, new business opportunities are explored.

FSSAI Registration

FSSAI registration certificate is obtained only upon the completion of FSSAI registration. This certificate implants trust among the target customers. The Food business can prosper without any legal issues. Customer retention is better achieved when the FSSAI certificate is on hand. Solubilis Corporate Services in Chennai is here to assist in the entire registration process.


GST is the destination-based indirect tax. The main object of the GST is to make India aunified market. The GST has now broadened the base of taxpayers. The GST registration services in Chennai can now be done online completely by Solubilis Corporate Services. Increased consumption and indirect tax revenues are resulted due to the implementation of GST.

Trademark registration

Trademark is one of the IPR services. Solubilis Corporate Services in Chennai provides trademark registration services with a strong professional team. Also, we assist with trademark search and watchdog services. Trademark is the most valuable assets for the company/business. When the business grows, the trademark value also grows. The trademark registration in Chennai establishes ownership over the brand.

Copyright registration

Solubilis provides copyright registration services in Chennai. All types of artistic, literary, website and other computer programs can be copyrighted. Copyright registration requires real work from the creators/authors/composers. When the registration is complete, exclusive right is granted to the owner. If the work is infringed, the owner who obtained copyright can sue against infringement. The owner obtains the transfer of the rights as well.

Patent registration

The Patent is one of the Intellectual Property Rights. Solubilis provides patent registration services in Chennai through a hassle-free processes. Patent applications must satisfy the criteria like novelty, inventive step, and industrial applicability. The patent registration assures that the invention cannot be copied. Thus the patent law secures the work against the infringement.

Design registration

The design registration which is one of the IPRs it gives exclusive rights to the creator. The design retains these rights for 10 years. It can be extended to another 5 years as well. This right works against the infringement. The design registration is effectively done by the Solubilis Corporate services in Chennai through paperless online services.


The implementation of GST has eliminated the cascading effects of the tax. Such GST registration is now done through online mode. The taxpayers may now approach Solubilis Corporate Services with the required documents.

The FSSAI can be applied by any individual, who wishes to start or continue any food business. He / She can make an application to the Designated Officer through Solubilis Corporate Services. Solubilis provides quick fssai registration services in Chennai. It is a 14- digit registration number that allows people to know the producer’s state and the producer’s permit.

The trademark can be applied by any Individual, Multi Applicants, Non Individual, MSME undertakings through Solubilis. Anyone can make an application to the Designated Trademark Officer through Solubilis Corporate Services to file the trademark application. Solubilis provides trademark search before filing the application and gives the consulting services at free of cost.

Yes. The registration of a limited liability partnership is compulsory. This is to execute and file the LLP Agreement in the perspective of Sections 22 and 23 of the Act. The LLP gives the benefits of limited liability and the flexibility of the partnership. The Audit is compulsory if the turnover is Rs.40 lakhs.

There is no tax liability if the salary is below 2.5 lakh. Government gives standard deduction for further 2.5 lakhs in addition to the basic exemption limit. Hence if there is no tax liability for the salaried person up to 5 lakh

The Pvt ltd Company registration is easily done online by Solubilis Corporate Services. Minimum one of the directors should be an Indian citizen. It is the simplest and very popular form of company. The registration provides legal protection to its shareholders.

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