Proprietorship Company Registration

Solubilis provide proprietorship registration in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and anywhere in India. Sole proprietorship shall mean the following. Sole means single and the proprietorship means ownership. This is a form of business organization which is owned and managed by a single individual, who shoulders the responsibility of running the business and takes the profit or loss. In this type of business form, single person is responsible for investment and bears the risk of the enterprise.

Who should opt for Proprietorship?

Individuals, who would like to control over the entire business operation and run it as a small/ medium business can opt for this Proprietorship business.

Characteristics of sole proprietorship business:

  • It has a single owner who brings all resources and starts the business.
  • The owner himself manages the business, according to his knowledge, skill, intelligence and work experience.
  • The business unit is not separate from its owner, the profit and loss of the business unit will reflect as owner’s profit and loss.
  • Sole proprietorship shall be formed without any legal formalities. The formation is quite easy and simple. The owner is responsible for the business operation. And enjoys the profits of the business or bare the losses. The liability of the sole proprietorship is unlimited.
  • It is a single person controlled unit and the decision making quite fast and precise.
  • This form of business unit has more flexibility in their operation.
  • Depending upon the demand and the supply, the business operation can be moderated by the owner.

Required documents:

  • Shop establishment certificate
  • Opening of current account and its six months statement
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Proofs of business address
  • Passport sized photo copies
  • GST registration

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