Legal Metrology Certification in Chennai

Solubilis provide Legal Metrology services in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and anywhere in India. Legal Metrology Certificate following essential process. Legal metrology always a good promoter and essential one in every business transaction, transfer of property and goods. If a business invested on crores on the base of metrology the simple changes and lack of exactness may leads to the great business disaster. So, trade and business related metrology always needs to take care. To show this trade related weight measurement verification authenticated by National Physical Laboratory. The legal metrology certificate legally secured by the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, Tamil Nadu legal metrology rules, 2011 and Legal Metrology rules,2011. It is beneficial one for all trade and business oriented communities. In Tamil Nadu legal metrology specifically governed by Tamil Nadu Labour Department.

Licences in Legal Metrology:

Legal Metrology has classified as a specific license and functioning procedure implemented to weighing and measuring instruments and devices. It includes the processes like manufacturing, import, marketing and repair of measuring instruments and related equipment. It is a mandatory rule to the company should do regular and periodic updates and license renewals towards the Legal Metrology department.

This department issues this license to all the sections which are dealing the field of weighing and measuring instrument such as manufacturer, dealer, repairers, Registration of Manufacturers, Importers, Packers and Importers of Packed Commodities.

Licensing / Registration of Manufactures, Dealers and Repairers in Legal Metrology:

To acquire this licence under Legal Metrology Act, the certain departments of dealers, repairers, manufacturers of weight sand measures should make an application to the Controller of Legal Metrology and this process executed by the inspector in their jurisdiction area. For the renewal process an application must submit to the Controller before 30 days validity of the licence.

Verification of Weights & Measures under Legal Metrology:

The trade or Commodity associated with the sectors of Dealers, manufacturers, repairers, particularly related to any measure or transaction all can legally check and verifiable at any time. This legal process should be completed before the Stamping Inspector. Such other camping centres the inspector verify the details which are in due to complete weight and measurement checking. If any measurement need for unmovable things the user must provide the facilities need for the transport test and the conveyance charge for the test. All the procedures completely verified by the Stamping inspector then he will issue the verification certificate.

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