AEPC Registration in Chennai

Solubilis peovide AEPC registration services in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and anywhere in India AEPC- Apparel Export Promotion Council registration completes with the on time schedule. It is an exclusive council start-up for assisting valuable guidance for the import and export on garments. It is preferably applicable one for the international buyers who are in the need of Indian garments. Garment manufacturing norms and principles of registered exporter are designing with this statutory body. It is offering ideas of technical guidance, marketing strategy and workforce for only Indian exporters. It is considering as the central gateway accumulate the essential information like International business fairs, Way for participating on those fairs, New markets and international delegations report all are solely maintaining through this AEPC official statutory.

Objectives of AEPC:

AEPC is undertaking all the duties relating on the improvement and expansion of Indian garment export and import. To take part in the international level of business, having membership in this council is mandatory one. Especially, small-scale industries are more help with the processes like implementing international rules, procedures, drawbacks and how to apply for the basic facilities like Import and Export license. Product quality, design and pattern, Import and export prices, Participation of an individual in the international mark and overall survey holding are the main functionality of AEPC.

Eligibility for AEPC registration:

  • Regardless the type of the firm the applicant must have the registered company.
  • He/she should be completed the age limit of 21.
  • Owner of the company, shareholders and partners not offend any way of court law.
  • Collection of business should exceed more than crore from at least three consecutive financial year of business progress.
  • Exporter's turnover of garments should properly certified by an Charted Accountant


  • Proprietor pan card
  • Proprietor aadhaar card
  • Email id & Mobile no
  • IEC Certificate


  • Company pan
  • Partnership Deed
  • All partners Pan & Aadhaar card
  • All partners Email id & Mobile no
  • IEC Certificate


  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Company pan
  • All directors Pan & Aadhaar card
  • All directors Email id & Mobile no
  • IEC Certificate
  • LLP Agreement

Private Limited / public/OPC:

  • company registration document
  • company pan and aadhaar
  • MOA & AOA
  • IEC Certificate


AEPC, registered under section 25 of the Companies' Act 1956, works closely with Government of India on policy issues in Apparel sector. The Council provides specialized services and global business opportunities for industry.

AEPC, with the government’s help, is also providing mobilization of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) into the Indian textile and garment sector.

The broad areas of AEPC’s functioning involve arranging buyer seller meets, promoting participation in trade fairs, organizing trade expositions, imparting market knowledge through periodicals and journals, assisting members in getting financial help, etc.

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