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Solubilis provide Design registration in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and anywhere in India. The Success of your business not only lies in its brand name but also part of its design. The design work involves with various outlines, profiles, structures and forms. In addition of multiple arrangements are working out to source out a good design. The design is essentially required for the cause of its superiority as an Intellectual Property of a business. Application filing, examination process and complex- free approval all is based on new and original design content. Make sure the designs are not previously applied in any other countries before submitting the legal application for design registration. The design registration is valid up to ten years from the date of the design registration. The proper renewal process can be extended to the life of design registration.

Industrial design registration refers to the features of pattern, shape, configuration, ornamentation and colour composition applying to any industrial design. Design can be in the form of two or three-dimensional or both forms. For industrial purposes the designs can be in the form of manual, mechanical or chemical and whether they are combined or separated. According to Design Act, the main of objects of design to be new original and applied for industrial process. The industrial design should be novel, original and not previously published in any country. At the time of registration the shape and design should be a new and non-identical subject matter. Industrial design registration is valid up to 10 years from the date of design registration.

Industrial design registrations are maintained under the patent office. The exclusive right of design registration can be further extended for five years. After registration the design will be published in the official website along with bibliographical data. In case of piracy or infringement occurs on the registered trademark it will easily get the legal remedy.

Artistic works of engraving like sculpture, architecture, artistic craftsmanship, Painting, drawing, diagrams all are not protecting under the design registration.


Industrial Designs or simply Designs are exclusive rights given for the aesthetic shape, appearance of a product, which can be produced industrially as an independent product or can be part of assemblage of a product

In India, the Patent office, Designs wing located in Kolkata Patent office, grants Design registrations

In India, an object / product for seeking Design Registration should be novel and should not have been published elsewhere during the time of application.

Yes, Very much. A Design registration registered in the name of any individual or SME or Corporate, can be assigned, transferred or licensed to any other third person. The details of transfer, licensing should be registered in Patent Office, Designs Wing, and Kolkata

Application for Design Registrations are filed using the Locarno Classification of Designs. They are classifications and sub classifications based on various product categories and types to clearly indicate to which group / category an object is seeking Design Registration

A product seeking Design registration, upon applying would be scrutinized by Patent Office, Designs Wing, Kolkata and a FER (First Examination Report) is sent. Reply to FER should be filed within 6 months upon filing of the Design Application. Upon fulfilment of compliances the Design application proceeds towards Grant. Generally it takes 1 year for Grant of Design Registration.

If anyone design violates the copyright rights he is responsible for this offense he should pay a sum which not exceeding Rs.25.000/- to the registered proprietor. The maximum amount of Rs.50, 000/- of contract debt should pay in respect of a single design. The registered proprietor may bring an agreement to recovery of the damages and present the repetition as afore mentioned. The total recovery not exceeds up to Rs.50, 000/- as a contract debt which stated in the Section 22(2) (a). The agreement for such violation, damage recovery etc should not be filed any court which blow level court of District Judge.

A Design registration upon grant is valid till 10 years and can be extended further to 5 more years.

Yes, very much. Upon registration of Design for an object, the Copyrights for the same design can be applied for and obtained.

Yes, upon filing a Design Application in India, within 11 months, the same design application with the priority date can be filed through the Conventional system claiming priority over the Design Application filed in India.

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