Limited Liability Partnership Registration

An LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is a modern take on the traditional partnership. It combines the ease of forming a partnership with the limited liability of a company. Solubilis, with its expert team, offers hassle-free LLP registration.
LLP registration online is straightforward, making it an excellent choice for small and medium enterprises. Our priority is to satisfy our clients by streamlining the registration process. We're a certified company that strictly adheres to government regulations. With Solubilis, you can enjoy the benefits of limited liability and the flexibility of a partnership, ensuring your business gets the best of both worlds. We make your journey from registration to operation as smooth and swift as possible.

Characteristic of LLP:

  • Incorporation under LLP Act (2008): LLPs are governed by the LLP Act of 2008.
  • Distinct Legal Entity: An LLP has its own legal identity separate from its members.
  • Based on Agreement: LLP's structure and function are defined by an agreement, enabling property ownership and borrowing like natural persons.
  • Perpetual Succession: LLPs enjoy perpetual existence, ensuring long-term sustainability.
  • Simplified Legal Processes: Setting up, running, and managing an LLP involves less legal complexity.
  • Adaptive Organization: LLPs are a flexible alternative to traditional partnerships for business entities.
  • Rights to Merge, Wind Up, and Dissolve: LLPs have the authority to merge, wind up, and dissolve.
  • Mandatory "LLP" Suffix: The company name must include "LLP" to identify the entity.
  • Partners as Agents: Partners in an LLP are considered agents for the partnership firm.

Pre Requisites:

  • Minimum Two Partners: At least two partners are required.
  • Registered Office: The proposed company must have a registered office.
  • Flexible Capital: Capital requirements can be decided as per the agreement.
  • Digital Signatures: Every Designated Partner needs a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
  • Identification Numbers: Every Designated Partner must have a DPIN (Designated Partners Identification Number).

These characteristics and prerequisites make LLPs a flexible and efficient choice for business entities.

Proposed Partner - Indian Citizen:

  • PAN Card: Provide a valid PAN card.
  • Aadhar Card: LLP registration needs to include your Aadhar card.
  • Address Proof: Submit a recent Bank Statement, Telephone Bill, EB Bill, or Mobile Bill (not older than two months).
  • Passport Size Photo: Attach a passport-sized photo.

Proposed Partner - Foreign National:

  • Passport Copy: Include a copy of your passport, duly notarized and apostilled.
  • Address Proof: Provide a notarized and apostilled address proof.
  • Nationality Proof: Submit a notarized and apostilled copy of your nationality proof.
  • Two Passport Size Photos: Attach two passport-sized photos.

Register Office documents:

  • Rental Office: If your office is rented, a rental agreement is mandatory
  • Electricity Bill: Include an electricity bill (not older than two months.
  • NOC from Landlord: If you are an occupant, obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your landlord to operate the business.
  • These documents are crucial for a smooth process of LLP registration online, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Step 1: Name application:

  • For LLP registration online, file an application to reserve your company's name with the Registrar of Companies. You can provide two name choices and one re-submission if needed.

Step 2: Name Approval / Rejection:

  • The Central Registration Centre (CRC) reviews your application and may either approve or reject the chosen name.

Step 3: Application for DSC

  • Obtain a Digital Signature Certificate for all subscribers and directors of the LLP Company.

Step 4: Forms and Documents Filing:

  • Submit the application for LLP registration process along with the required documents and fees.

Step 5: Certificate of Incorporation:

  • Once the Registrar of Companies (ROC) is satisfied, they issue the Certificate of Incorporation, officially recognizing your LLP.

Step 6: File LLP Agreement

  • Within 30 days from LLP registration in India, file the LLP agreement in Form 3 on the online MCA portal. The agreement should be printed on stamp paper, with the value varying by state.

This streamlined process makes LLP registration accessible and hassle-free.


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), regulated by the Limited Liability Act, 2008, offers a unique business structure. It's a distinct legal entity, akin to a private limited company, ensuring perpetual succession. Notably, partners in LLP enjoy limited liability, limiting their obligation to their invested capital. This means partners are not personally accountable for the company's debts, making LLP an appealing choice for business registration.

Minimum 2 designated partners are mandatory for an LLP; no maximum limit for partners is prescribed. Flexibility in partnership structure.

An LLP registered in India must designate a registered office for official communications from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and other government bodies. The registered office can be located anywhere in India. To establish this office, a copy of the premises' electricity bill is essential. If the office is rented, a rental agreement is also required, ensuring compliance with legal obligations.

No capital limit for LLP formation; you can start with as little as Rs. 5,000, promoting business accessibility and flexibility.

LLP registration takes 10 to 15 working days. Processing time may vary based on document provision by the client and MCA approval, ensuring efficient registration.

Yes, it's possible to convert a company or partnership firm into an LLP.

Foreign Nationals/NRIs can be LLP partners, but at least one Indian Resident must also be a Designated Partner, ensuring legal compliance and representation.

LLPIN is a unique 7-digit alphanumeric registration number assigned by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, to Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). For instance, "AAA-0002" is the LLPIN given to "Companies Inn Consulting LLP," the first LLP registered online in India.

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