ESI and PF Registration

ESI Registration

Solubilis provides ESI registration in Coimbatore with a team of legal experts. ESI is Employee State Insurance. This is maintained by Employee State insurance Corporation (ESIC) and it is an autonomous body. This autonomous body is created by the law of Ministry of Labour and Employment. ESI scheme has been started for the Indian workers. This scheme holds the contributions from both employer and employees.
The employees may obtain many benefits under ESIC. The workers are provided with financial, medical, maternity, disability, funeral benefits, unemployment allowances and other benefits.

Any individual working in a non-seasonal industry with more than 10 employees also working in hotels, establishments and medical institutions with more than 20 employees are eligible for ESIC registration.

Documents for ESI registration:
1. Certificate of incorporation.
2. Partnership deed in case of partnership firm.
3. PAN, GST certificate of the company.
4. MOA and AOA of the company.
5. Address proof of the company.
6. Utility bills like Electricity bill, gas connection bill, telephone bill.
7. Rental agreement, if the office is on rent.
8. List of employees, Directors, Shareholders.

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is a non-constitutional body that promotes the employees to save the funds for the retirement. This body is launched in 1951 and it is governed by Ministry of Labour and Employment. EPFO registration in Coimbatore is necessary as the scheme offers benefits for both the Indian and international workers. This scheme is helpful in saving money at time of retirement and helps an individual to have a good lifestyle.

Document for EPFO registration:
1. PAN, Proof of Name of establishment, Type of Establishment, Incorporation Date.
2. If the establishment is a factory, then document with factory license number, Date of license, place of issue of Factory.
3. If the establishment is MSME, MSME registration details are needed.
4. If it is startup, then startup registration certificate is needed.

If the organization contains 20 or more employees. Even if it is less than 20 employees, the organization may opt to enrol under EPF scheme.

PF registration

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a scheme that is controlled by Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. PF registration in Coimbatore is applicable for all establishment that has 20 or more employees. Sometimes less than 20 employees can also claim for PF. The 12% rate of the PF contribution is equally divided between employee and employer. If the establishment has less than 20 employees, rate of PF deduction is 10%. Proper supporting documents should be provided to process PF registration online.
UAN registration in Coimbatore is effectively done by Solubilis with a group of legal experts. UAN is Universal Account Number and it is a unique identification number allotted to the members of EPFO. A member can have only one UAN during his/her service period. And also all EPF funds are linked with his/her UAN. Documents should be provided for UAN registration online.
When an employee changes his/her job the attached account number and member ID change but UAN remains the same. If two UANs are allotted, the member should inform his/her employer and EPFO instantly so that old UAN gets deactivated. And the previous EPF compilation is transferred to the new PF account. With an active UAN, the members can access complete online services by EPFO. Hence UAN registration is necessary.

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