Spice Board Registration in Coimbatore

Spice board is an Indian Government regulatory and acts as export promotion agency for the Indian spices. Our Solubilis team has great responsibility and care in doing the Spice board registration services in coimbatore. Also we have extended our service operations in places like Sitra, Chinniyampalayam, Neelampur, Kaniyur and Perur. Solubilis is the pioneer in Spice board registration in Coimbatore since Spice board has the responsibility in development and production of cardamom and 52 other spices. Recently the spices Board of India has starrted selling the spice flavoured chocolates. When spices are ready for their export, then the boards strives towards the stabilization of the prices. The board is able to control the quality of the spices which are meant for the export. We are a cluster of professionals in Solubilis who are aware of the need for the Spice board registration.

The Spice Board registration in Coimbatore is significant since the board is responsible for the development and promotion for the export of the cardamom and various other spices. Also the board is responsible for providing the warehousing facilities in abroad for the spices. For the purpose of compilation and publication, the board collects statistics. The persons or the license brokers who are engaged in the cardamom industry have to register under this board. The growers of the cardamom should have the remunerative returns, incentive and it is ensured by the board. Also the working conditions and the amenities of the growers must be improved. And such board can be registered under Spice Board registration in Coimbatore through Solubilis which is the best consultant in the city.

Documents required For Spice Board Registration in Coimbatore

  • Application Form 1
  • Self-attested copy of IE code certificate
  • Confidential bank certificate
  • Self-certified copy of GST registration certificate
  • Self-attested copy of partnership deed or MOA or AOA
  • Self-attested PAN card
  • Passport size photo
  • Self-attested certificate issued by directorate of industries
  • Registration fees in crossed Demand draft – in favour of spice board.
  • Self-certified partnership deed
  • If the applicant is exporter of manufactured spice product, then self-attested certificate issued by Directorate of Industries is needed.

Benefits Of Spice Board Registration in Coimbatore

  • The board is responsible for the development of spices in North-east.
  • It provides quality evolution services.
  • The board takes part in research, development and regulation of the domestic marketing.
  • The board is active in the trade promotion.
  • It undertakes the product development and research.

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