Barcode Registration in Coimbatore

Solubilis provides barcode registration services all over Tamilnadu. We Solubilis known for remarkable services in Coimbatore who work tirelessly for the satisfaction of the privileged customers. Our firm has now extended to various places in the city like Annur, Sulur, Peelamedu, Madukarai, Echanari, and Malumichampatti. The barcode scan is fast and reliable. UPC Barcode registration and EAN Barcode registration is done in the city with hassle less process through us. We Solubilis a leading consultant in the city has dedicated employees who are well-known about the nuances of the barcode registration and assist throughout the process.

Barcode consists of bars and spaces which is machine readable. It consists of numerals and characters. Such barcodes can be read by optical barcode scanner. They are applied to the products for quick identification. The barcodes are versatile and the inventory can be tracked very easily. On data entry and retrieval the time is not wasted and it promotes better decision making. The barcodes also provide visibility on how much stock is available in the warehouse. Since the data are unified and ready to integrate, it improves future technical advantages and additions. Even if there arises any complaints the barcodes are used to retrieve the information of the purchased products. The Barcode registration in Coimbatore through solubilis provides good services and leaves the applicant tension-free. Barcode registration has become more valuable service that helps the retail service in many other ways. It enhances faster and efficient customer service. At the point of sale, the check-out operations are increased and it eliminates human error.

Documents Required for Barcodes:

  • Copy of GST registration certificate / MSME / FSSAI - Any one in case of proprietorship
  • Copy of Partnership deed in case of firm
  • Copy of Certification of incorporation in case of compan/LLP

Barcode registration in Coimbatore with solubilis provides best registration services in the city. Generally, barcode is defined as a series of parallel bars with varying width that is used to enter the data into a computer system. The bars will be typically in black or white background, and the quantity of the width varies according to the application. The lines represent the binary digit from 0 to 1 and also the numbers from 0 to 9. Such numbers will be processed by the digital computer. The numbers which are represented by the barcode are also printed onto the base of the paper. The advantages of barcode system is that, it allows the user to process the information when it is scanned. The main types of the barcodes are numeric only barcode, alpha numeric barcode and 2 dimensional barcode. Barcode readers are used to read the code. Barcode registration in Coimbatore helps with some phone app scanners and whenever the product code is scanned, the information of the product appears. Also the registration helps to increase the internet profile of the product. This will accompany the customers and the retailers to find the company and the product information.

Benefits of Barcode registration

  • Low cost implementation
  • Immediate available data
  • Best accuracy
  • It reduces the errors
  • Barcodes help to speed up the process


A ‘barcode picture’ is a machine readable image consisting of vertical black bars and spaces of variable widths. When scanned by a bar code scanner, the black bars and spaces are decoded to reveal a specific 12 or 13 digit long sequence of numbers (the ‘barcode number’)

EAN-13 barcode numbers are 13 digits long. They are the most common type of barcode for retail products in India (as well as worldwide). In the USA, the 12-digit UPC code is preferred. Almost all barcode scanners are able to read both types of code.

After barcode application is succeed and becomes GS1HK member, you will receive the below documents by email:
Membership confirmation letter with GS1 Company Prefix
Member Certificate (if applicable)
Login information of GS1HK Member Portal
Payment receipt

When barcodes are used in the business process, procedures are automated to increase productivity and reduce human error.
Whenever there is a need to accurately identify or track something, bar-coding should be used. For example, in a data entry work environment, workers may be required to enter an enormous amount of data into a customer database system. Instead of manually typing a customer identification number into a database, if the information is contained in a barcode, a data entry operator may scan it in. This would increase automation and reduce human error.

Determining the best type of barcode to use depends on the environment, requirements, application, and printer.

No. EAN/UPC, ITF-14 and GS1-12 8 Bar Codes have a standardized data content, which means they can be used by any company with GS1 System, and not be confused with any other symbology. Other bar codes, for example code 39 do not have a multi-industry standardized approach to the data they contain, and so are only really usable in controlled systems where they will not be confusing to interpret.

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