Barcode Registration in Bangalore

The Barcode is a collection of stripes that includes numbers and spaces and it easily scans the data that makes the digital world to be faster and smarter. Solubilis spreads its wings all over Bangalore and offer flawless and greatest services in Shivaji nagar, JP nagar, Marathahalli, Whitefields and Domlur. The Barcode has lines and numbers- a black and the white backgrounds and the quantity of the barcode varies from with application. It consumes 0.1 second to read the barcodes. The purpose of barcode is that it saves the time to avoid certain billing faults and it helps to solve the malfunctions.

Barcode scanners are used to read the data and most of the retail chains use the barcode scanner to identify the products in places like supermarkets, malls, stores, online market place, theatres etc. Product and the details of the product can be identified by the barcode. The barcode contains 3 packaging level namely primary, secondary and tertiary level. GTIN and serial number will be identified in each and every product. To avoid missing of products or theft; barcode will be the ultimate solution and there are various types of barcode available in the market.

Advantages of Barcode Registration in Bangalore

  • Manual data entry and data maintenance is reduced.
  • Barcode saves time, in a fraction of a second we can generate the bills. Compared to humans, barcode scanner is 25 times faster.
  • Barcodes provide better data. In inventory, the barcode is used to store pricing information. It helps stock analysis and stock of data to obtain.
  • For tracking assets, business inventories and for the entire supply chain barcode will be the useful tool.
  • Cost of implementation is low.
  • Barcode helps to avoid the malfunction and the usage of barcode reduces the confusion.
  • Accurate and faster billing
  • Global identification in the digital market

Required documents for Barcode Registration

  • Request letter on barcode allotment (company letterhead)
  • Copy of audited balance sheet
  • PAN card of the applicant
  • GST registration certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Partnership deed
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Article of Association
  • Copy of Cancelled cheque

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