Patent Registration In Bangalore

Solubilis Corporate services provide patent registration services in and around Bangalore like shanthi Nagar, majestic, JP Nagar, and white field. An Inventor can register their own invention and the Government approves their work when it is completely exclusive.

Patent registration includes certain rules and regulations under the patent act 1970 and patent rules 1972. By registering the patent, the inventor can obtain the rights for 20 years. In a few rare cases, the applicant may extend their validity. The registered person is responsible for legal grant of selling, making or using the products for which the patent rights is obtained. It prohibits the usage of product by others without their knowledge. The person can make revenue by selling their products.

Documents Required For Patent Registration

  • The valid proof of Patent Registration
  • Provisional Specifications.
  • In case of Provisional specification, in form-2 the applicant has to submit the complete specification within 12 months.
  • In form-3, the undertakings and the statement comes under the section 8(if applicable).
  • Form-26 in the power of authority, the patent application was filled by patent agent.
  • If a biological material is a patent, then the applicant should submit a permission letter from the National Biodiversity Authority.
  • In case of biological material related to the invention, the geographical location should be mentioned in the source.
  • In patent applications, the signature of the applicant/ authorized person/ Patent attorney should be mandatory.
  • The end page of the complete/ provisional specification must be signed by the applicant/agent.
  • In drawing sheet it includes the sign at the right bottom corner of the sheet.

Benefits of Patent Registration

  • Patent Registration in Bangalore gives you exclusive rights from copying, manufacturing, selling or importing your invention without your permission.
  • The person gets solid protection for a predetermined period and then they can utilize their invention themselves.
  • Likewise, they can license their patent for others to use it. This is another way of rewards from the business.
  • It generates genuine command and key specialization of the inventor on the technical subject-matter.
  • In early filing, we provide exclusive access to all rights.
  • Opportunities to get a good market reputation.
  • Allows public disclosure.
  • It generates a genuine command and key specialization of the inventor of the technical subject-matter.
  • Likewise, they can license their patent for others to use it. This is another way of revenue for the business.

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