ISO Certification in Bangalore

ISO certification in Bangalore can be facilitated by Solubilis, offering professional legal services with over 10 years of expertise. Operating in various locations, including Electronic City, Majestic, Domlur, Shanti Nagar, and KR Puram, our firm ensures the proof of standard through ISO certification. With different fundamentals and principles, the ISO series, comprising 64 members, establishes an independent structure.

This certification, a seal of approval, signifies that a company adheres to internationally recognized ISO management systems. ISO Certification in Bangalore significantly influences a firm's social and corporate image, fostering trust among customers and business partners. More than a symbol of prestige, ISO 9001 certification aids sole proprietary businesses in improving quality and standards, guiding them to industry leadership. Embraced globally, ISO standards are acknowledged by countries worldwide.

Solubilis, a prominent corporate service provider in and around Bangalore, is dedicated to satisfying customers, enhancing their business, and meeting expectations. This commitment yields substantial benefits, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Conforming to International Standards assures consumers of product safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Applicable to both small and large-scale businesses, ISO certification enhances customer acquisition and retention. It focuses on improving a company's internal system, ensuring the production of quality services and products while fostering a culture of growth and continuous improvement.

Online ISO certification in Bangalore

Documents Required for ISO Certification in Bangalore


  • Incorporation Certificate Copy
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association Copy
  • 5 Sales/Purchase Invoices
  • Company PAN Copy
  • GST Certificate Copy (if available)
  • FSSAI Certificate Copy (for the food industry)
  • Director's Address Proof - PAN and Aadhar
  • List of Employees with Designations on Letterhead
  • Photos of the Premises (Interior and Exterior)
  • Office Address Proof - Rental Agreement and EB Bill


  • Copy of prorpietors PAN.
  • 5 Sales/Purchase Invoices
  • GST Certificate Copy (if available)
  • FSSAI Certificate Copy (for the food industry)
  • Proprietor's Address Proof - Aadhar
  • List of Employees with Designations on Letterhead
  • Photos of the Premises (Interior and Exterior)
  • Office Address Proof - Rental Agreement and EB Bill (for partnerships)


  • Copy of Partnership deed
  • Copy of firm registration certificate
  • 5 sales/purchase invoices.
  • Copy of firms PAN.
  • Copy of GST certificate, if available.
  • Copy of FSSAI certificate. if food industry.
  • Address Proof of partners - PAN and aadhar.
  • List of employees with their designation on letter head
  • Photos of the Premises (Interior and Exterior)
  • Address proof of Office - if taken on rent - Rental agreement and Eb bill.

Benefits of ISO Certification in Bangalore

  • Popularity

    This certification enhances recognition, making the company easily identifiable to the public.

  • Reliability

    An ISO certification in Bangalore allows companies to showcase their reliability to customers, suppliers, business partners, and government entities.

  • Improves performance

    ISO offered by ISO certification in Bangalore contributes to the improved performance of staff and other members within the organization.


ISO Certification is like a stamp of approval from an external organization, indicating that a company adheres to globally recognized ISO management standards. This certification not only serves as evidence of a company's credibility but also instils confidence in potential clients, assuring them that the company will uphold its commitments.

ISO Certifications are granted by Certification Bodies, authorized by an overseeing entity known as an Accreditation Body to ensure compliance with standards. It's crucial to be cautious, as some Certification Bodies lack accreditation and may issue certificates without meeting the necessary standards.

By submitting accurate business documents and information, you can receive the final certificate within 2-3 working days.

Each ISO certification provider varies. At ISO Quality Services, our certificates last one year and require annual re-certification audits to confirm ongoing compliance. We offer additional support through annual visits to assist with any challenges. Instances of non-renewal are uncommon. We believe it typically takes three years for a management system to mature fully, with over 90% of customers recognizing the value it brings by that point.

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