OPC Registration in Bangalore

OPC registration in Bangalore with Solubilis. An OPC is a corporate structure that allows a sole proprietor to establish a company where they act as both the director and shareholder. OPCs are contributing to the Indian economy and are gaining popularity worldwide. Many entrepreneurs are eager to create their own OPC to gain legal recognition.
Solubilis offers exceptional services and is a trusted consultant in Bangalore. OPCs are limited by shares and are managed by a single person. However, they are not permitted to engage in non-banking financial activities such as investing in other companies' securities and cannot function as non-profit organizations (NPOs). In an OPC, an Indian citizen must be nominated.

Online OPC registration in Bangalore

Proposed director & Shareholder - Indian Citizen:

  • PAN Card: A valid PAN card is required.
  • Aadhar Card: A copy of your Aadhar card is necessary for OPC registration in Bangalore.
  • Proof for Address: For OPC registration online, you can provide either a bank statement, telephone bill, electricity bill, or mobile bill (the latest one).
  • Passport Size Photo: Include a recent passport size photo.

Register Office documents:

  • If the office space is on rent, you must have a rental agreement in place.
  • An electricity bill (no older than two months) for the registered office's address is required.
  • If the office space is not rented, you'll need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the landlord to operate the business.

This documentation is crucial for online one person company registration process. If you need further assistance or information, feel free to ask!

Benefits of OPC Registration

  • Legal identity

    OPC registration in Bangalore provides a distinct legal identity separate from its owner.

  • Easy Conversion

    Converting an OPC to other business structures is hassle-free with minimal paperwork.

  • Minimum Capital not required

    TYou can start the firm within the sole promoter's capacity, and there's no strict capital requirement.

  • Easy to Get Loans

    Banking and financial institutions favour lending to OPCs over proprietary firms.

  • Social Recognition

    OPCs are a popular business structure, instilling confidence in customers.

  • Tax Rate

    OPCs have a 30% tax rate, similar to private limited companies, applied to all profits.

  • Easy Return Filing

    OPCs can easily file annual returns with the director's signature, eliminating the need for the firm secretary's signature.

These advantages make OPC registration in Bangalore an attractive option for entrepreneurs. If you have more questions or need further information, feel free to ask!


Choosing a One Person Company (OPC) over sole proprietorship allows small businesses to operate with limited liability and a separate legal existence. With just one person, an OPC can run the business effectively.

To start an OPC, you need to be a natural person and a resident Indian citizen. The nominee should also be an Indian citizen and resident. No minimum capital is required.

The share capital of an OPC to have online OPC registration in Bangalore should not exceed 50 lakhs, and its annual turnover should not surpass 2 crores. If an OPC's paid-up share capital exceeds 50 lakhs or its annual turnover surpasses 2 crores for three consecutive years, it must convert into a private or public company.

An OPC cannot voluntarily convert into a private or public limited company until two years from its incorporation date. If it wishes to convert, it must apply within 30 days.

Under the Companies Act, one person can legally operate an OPC. However, a single person cannot operate more than one OPC simultaneously.

The member of a One Person Company can change the nominee by informing the OPC in writing. The sole member must obtain the new nominee's prior consent using Form INC 3. The OPC, upon receiving this notice, should file a notice of the change with the registrar within 30 days using Form INC 4 along with the required fee. This process ensures that the nominee can be updated as needed to reflect any changes in the OPC's structure or ownership.

A nominee can withdraw consent at any time by providing written notice to the OPC and sole member/subscriber.

You need a minimum of one director to start a One Person Company, but you can have up to 15 directors.

Minors, foreign citizens, Indian non-residents, and those unable to contract are restricted from forming a One Person Company.

No, only Indian citizens or residents in India can register a One Person Company anywhere in India. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) and foreign nationals cannot set up an OPC in India.

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