Legal Metrology License in Bangalore

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Legal metrology registration is governed and controlled by the government and also includes export and import activities in it. Legal metrology deals with the weightage and measurement of the packed goods and the act involves certain rules and regulation for the standard of the package and distribution of the packed goods. The legal metrology registration comes under the legal metrology act 2009. There are many types of legal metrology licence for manufacturer, dealer and repairer. The registration act is applicable for the three categories- manufacturer, importer and packer. The legal metrology licence avoids the weight and measurements errors and registration as manufacturer or packer of pre packed commodities is an additional adavantage.

Documents Required for Legal Metrology License (Manufacturer)

  • Identity and Address proof, Photographs of applicant or partner.
  • Birth certificate Proof of applicant/partners
  • Ownership authority and premises location
  • Partnership deed, in case of partnership firms or List of machinery and tools
  • Model approval certificate, issued by the Director, with respect to the proposed weighing and measuring instrument.
  • Affirmation to state that applicant who would follow the Legal provisions and the directions issued by the Controller.
  • Affirmation to state that the applicant had neither been punished by any Court nor any criminal proceeding pending in any court.
  • Factory/ shop/ establishment/ municipal trade license, registration document as per the case
  • VAT/CST/GST Registration / PAN – photo copy

Benefits of Legal Metrology License

  • Can avoid the measurement errors
  • More transparency and accountability to the business
  • Legally approved by the government that creates reputation for the company.
  • Legal metrology reduces the transaction cost of the business.
  • Its supports the trade
  • Can enjoy the government revenue.
  • It removes the technical error during trade
  • Can gain the consumers trust.

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