Copyright Registration In Bangalore

Solubilis Corporate services provides copyright registration in Bangalore for the clients who wants to get their rights. We give the end to end service from filing to post registration and provide copyright registration services in Shanthi nagar, Majestic, JP Nagar, White field, etc. Copyright creates a public record to show your own creation and also it protects from the fraudulent. To protect the unique scripts, music works or a book, a copyright registration make the creation secured. Creating an own thing is not a cup of tea, we put our efforts to innovate something; so this registration make our thing to be our own and also is legally approved. No one can steal our work from us even though we are not alive.

Copyright registration is different from trademark registration; since trademark is a registration of logo, slogan or a name but copyright registration is an expression of the works like an ingredient of the food, and a unique sound of the music. We provide finest service with our experienced copyright professionals.

Documents Required For Copyright Registration

  • Personal Details
  • Applicant’s Name, Address & Nationality
  • Work of authors’ name, address and nationality
  • Statement of Applicant’s nature towards this registration
  • Original Copies of the work
  • ID proof of the owner
  • Incorporation certificate if it is for a business organization

Nature Of The Work

  • Work elucidation & classification of class
  • Work title
  • Language of the Work
  • Publication date - publication in internal magazines.

Benefits Of Copyright Registration

Work Gets Legal Protection

Copyright registration is the protection shield against unwanted infringements. The work gets some legal advantages when the work is reproduced without authorization.

Market Presence

Copyright registration in Bangalore helps to build a good will in the mind of the customer. By registering the work, innovator details will be stored in a public record. People can generate credibility easily with registration schemes.

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