Trademark Registration Process

A trademark is registered as combined with any other marks with the registrar shall sign in the register in relation with the earlier related trademark. The registration numbers of the marks with which it is joined and note in the office in relation with any of the identified trademark registration number of the first mentioned mark as being a trademark associated with the mark.

Trademark Registration in Chennai

Application For Trademark Registration

In the trademark registration application any person asking to be the holder of a trademark helped or prepared to be serviced by him who is desirous of registering it shall implement in writing to the officer in the recommended way for the company registration of his trademark. Every application under the section shall be filed in the office of the trade marks officer within whose rural limits the main place of business in Chennai.

The candidate or in the case of joint applicants the prime place of business in Chennai of the applicant whose name is first specified in the application as having a place of business in Chennai and it is placed. A personal operation can be used for trademark registration of a mark for various classes of goods and services and price unpaid prepared for shall be in honor of each such class of goods or services.A person holding an International registration may prepare an international application on the form recommended by the familiar control for the development of the safety producing from such registration to any other contracting Party.

The trademark registration is maintained that where the candidate or any of the collective applicants does not take on a trademark registration in Chennai.The operation will be filed in the place of the trademarks within whose local restrictions the area specified in the location for the trademark service in India as disclosed in the function is established. The conditional to the plan of this act the officer may trash the application or may accept it exactly or subject to such changes, adjustments, cases or limitations.

In the case of a rejection or limited recognition of a function, the officer shall record in writing the grounds for such exclusion or provisional acknowledgment and the elements used by him in landing at his resort. For the registration of a trade mark an application is to be made to the Registrar. On the registration of a trademark the officer shall concern to the applicant a certificate in the recommended mode of the registration is fixed with the trademarks collection.