Explain the tax saving tips for tax payers and Organisations?


Do you know the tax saving tips for tax payers and Organisations?Solubilis helps you to clear your all queries about tax registration. Solubilis are the tax registration consultants in India, helps to do your all company registration ,IPR Registration,GST and income tax registration,Hr consulting services and so on. “A penny saved is a penny earned,” goes the well-known saying. One […]

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Trademark registration procedure after assignment or transmission

The Trademark registration procedure after entering on the register the name of the successive trademark owner as a result of transmission or assignment is included in section 45 which has been changed by 2010 Amendment act. The new section 45 reads as follows: Registration of assignments and transmissions: Where a person becomes allowed by transmission or assignment to a registered […]

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LLP Formation Procedure in India

Do you wish to start LLP formation and register a limited liability partnership? The following procedure helps to incorporate an LLP. LLP Formation Choose about the partners of your preferred LLP minimum 2 number. If any time the number reduces two, the LLP carry on business only six months. So only one partner handling on business with the skills that […]

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