The Use of Registered Trademark With Trademark Registration

In the registered trademark uses, no application for the trademark registration in view of any goods or services shall be refused nor shall patent, for such registration. The trademark is registered of which regard all of the goods or services in the plan of section 49, the registered trademark holder than a new person.   The Trademark Registration and Transmissions […]

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The Benefits of Design Registration with their Requirements

The Design measure as the component of pattern, color, shape or configuration tested in the dimensional forms.It is not to be designated with the safety of its components during the products normal uses for an industrial or handicraft products. The first design registration act was executed in India was the design and patterns protection act 1872. The design is for […]

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What is Joint Venture and Partnership Between Their Relationships

The joint venture holding company will be permitted to handle the position. A pre qualified company or joint venture corporation may during the successive incorporation company or pre-qualified company subject to the approval of the government.The joint venture connects two or other companies joining together in one business. But a partnership has two or more people to maintain a business. […]

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