The Effect of Registration To incorporate A Limited Company

Private Limited Company Registration in ChennaiThe Incorporation of Certificate

On the registration of a directive of a company, the officer shall certify under his hand that the company is incorporated,and in the instance of a limited company, that the company is limited in the companies act 1956 under the section 34. It is indirect that a directive will be registered only when the other basic documents are already with the registrar and he is satisfied that the documents produced are in large consent with the procedure to company registration in Chennai. In other words a company is not absolutely incorporated in the letter alone.

A company is registered whether a public limited company or private limited company in order to gain under the companies Act 1956.The certificate of incorporation may be presenting the effect of registration, but it may yet grant the registration. The companies act 1956 under the section 35 makes it clear that positive information will be defined to things example secondary to company registration.

The Certificate of Inception of Business

The certificate of incorporation does not allow a company to begin their business, unless the registrar of companies approves that the effect of registration company is allowed to launch a business and that certificate shall be certain information that the company is so permitted under the the companies act 1956 of section 149 .A private limited company that is a secondary of public limited company.

Effect Of -Registration

The Effect of Registration

The date of incorporation is specified from the certificate of incorporation,the directive of such subscriber and other persons, as may from time to time be associates of the company that shall be a incorporate body by the name have in the directive, every roles of an company with the effect of registration is formed to qualified of operating and having constant series and a common seal, but with such LLP on the segment of the associates to present to the benefits of the company in Chennai with the action of its being in the act 1956.