What is One Person Company

The one person company is managed by a single person to run a company limited by shares, the Companies Act, 2013 under Sub- Section 62 of the Section 2 process a company which run by one person. The Section 3 divides one person company as a Private Company for the complete legal functions with only one member.The one person company registration should be specified during the term of the company, anywhere the name is joined, used or decorated. The one person company thought is advanced in Chennai, it is a very happy form of all business in India. Only a natural person who is an Indian citizen shall be eligible to the formation an OPC company. There is only one person to run as a director of the company and the maximum number of directors is fifteen.

One Person Company Registration in Chennai

Benefits of an One Person Company Registration

The one person company afford the great ability to the qualified who are coming out of the corporate and be separate to form a company registration.

The one person company provides a channel for the enterprising need for the efficient persons.

To integrate the single person company for the most important case of shareholders is exactly the need for the limited liability.

The one person company are not proprietorship interests, they provide a dual system of the company registration as well as individual, The major difference between one person company and sole proprietorship is to cover the individual against any issue of liabilities.

The Impact of one person company

The new companies Act, 2013 provides main consideration to the records which will be entered by one person company.The idea of one person company registration enables a particular person to run a company and sole proprietorship process an individual where it is run and maintained by one individual from sole proprietorship as it is absolutely independent body and that is the difference between the company and the promoter.An one person company registration will have a great future and it is the most outstanding business approach in Chennai. If you are registering a limited company as one person company, the appeal procedure will be very easy to complete because you will be introducing your particular information.