Trademark registration procedure foremost condition

The major provision in the trademark registration procedures is the necessary of the owner to register the trademark. Before trying registration, the person should either be the trademark owner. The decided means of needing effective trademark rights is to get registration and also to apply the mark on goods in connection to services in Chennai. The trademark used in India on services or goods which are show only for export out of India. A trademark application for registration can be form in such exports.

Trademark Registration Procedure

Trademark Registration Procedures

The trademark registration procedures are specified in section 18 to 23 of the act 1999. Section 18 as follows:

18(1) says that any person declaring the trademark owner used by him and who is envious of registering. It is request in writing to the registrar in the specified procedure for registration of trademark.

(2) a single application may create for trademark registration for various classes of goods and services.

The above conditions are self-descriptive “any person is large enough to contain any company, partnership firm, individual, society, HUF, whether registered or not.

The section 24 allows registration of two or more persons to be registered as trademark joint proprietors, where the trademark is used or indicated in relation to goods or services.

Application for international registration or designating India

A new section IV A has been placed in the 1999 act to create conditions relating to protection of trademarks through global registration under the Madrid Protocol. For concern the process and rights of trademarks getting international registration under Madrid Protocol.

The 36D section of an international application can be form under the specified by the common rules for international registration of eligible mark or application. A result of an international registration with India as selected country. If the trademark likes registration in Chennai (India) also together with other designated countries.

Normally the section 36E with the international registration applications of marks would be registered in other member countries. The trademark registration for India may be gained by filing not only in India but some other countries.

Graphic representation

The trademark with graphic representation is a major pre-requisite which has been made part of the meaning of trademark. If a trademark is not presented graphically it would not register. So, smell and sound trademarks do look issues in India.

Three-Dimensional Mark

The reproduction of the mark shall include photographic or two dimensional as need in rule 29(3).  If an applicant must shape in the application form that the application is for the trademark shape.

Application for specific goods/service

The trademark registration application may form one or more specific services or goods as far as they indicate to those provided in classification of goods and services.

Single application for goods

The act 1999 enables a single application to be made for trademark registration for services or goods falling in more than one class of services or goods.

Trademark registration procedure after assignment or transmission
Priority period and date

There is identified a priority period of six months for a person who has applied for registration of trademark. If applications are made in two or more usage countries with the term of six months will be assumed from the date on which the earliest or earlier of those applications are made.

The trademark registration application should include a declaration maintaining priority as per the Paris Convention or the TRIPS advising___

  • Prior application date
  • Earlier application number
  • State or Country in which each of the prior application was registered
  • Trademark Registration for Goods

The stipulation for trademark registration for goods was made under the act 1940. Trademark registered for goods or used for services cannot be used freely. Statement of “goods” is specified to show anything which is the subject of manufacture or trade.

Trademark Registration for Services

The trademark registration for service marks in India is established under the act 1999. This resolution is quite inclusive and all-subsuming. All kinds of services or all kinds which are made available for trademark. The description does not need that service should be provided against valuable thoughts as important terms for services to be covered in the precision.

Classification of goods and services

Under section 7(1), the registrar is need to classify goods and services in conformity with the international classification of goods and services. The section 157 controls the central government to decide procedure of publication of alphabetical index of classification of goods and services.

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Determining class of a product

Whether the use of trademark on section of the goods could be considered as use of trademark on the goods for which trademark was registered. The Chennai high court addressed the matter of use of the trademark for the goods for that registration was gained. On this base of non-use of trademark on goods, changes of the register were required.

The litigator was using the trademark “Hanger Manufacturers” and their types like Plastic Hangers, Wooden Hangers, Garment Hangers, etc., The trademark was registered under class 12 for goods. In effect to a petition for determination for the removal of the mark from the register.

As the mark was used on the hangers for goods. For example, plastic hangers for which the mark has been registered under class 12. It will be considered to used on goods. So, the hangers of the litigator would not fall under the goods. In order to choose the final course of action, the goods in question must form articles involved in the other class.

Mentioning goods or services

In the trademark registration application, the services or goods must be specified clearly. The list of goods should be written in generic form rather than being particular. So, goods on which trademark is not used they must be specified. If they must be fall in the same class and there will be no extra free for the registration application. The extra specified goods sometimes make problems as it amounts to blocking the register. These kinds of registered trademark may have to face deletion of proceedings for non-use.