Company registration procedure

Company Registration Procedure The company registration procedure is given below: In case of public limited company : 1. Select in order of choices, as some eligible company names each of which would present as the important object of the suggested company. 2. Avoid names which are related to the names or  resemble too closely of any other company already registered. 3. […]

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Trademark Registration Process

A trademark is registered as combined with any other marks with the registrar shall sign in the register in relation with the earlier related trademark. The registration numbers of the marks with which it is joined and note in the office in relation with any of the identified trademark registration number of the first mentioned mark as being a trademark […]

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Public Limited Company Registration

Private Company and Public Company The companies Act 1956 rules become a private limited company differs from public limited company in many applications. The minimum figure in a private limited company of a member is two and the directors is also two persons and it has some conditions to transfer the shares. But the public limited company members are seven […]

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