Public Limited Company Registration

Private Company and Public Company

The companies Act 1956 rules become a private limited company differs from public limited company in many applications. The minimum figure in a private limited company of a member is two and the directors is also two persons and it has some conditions to transfer the shares. But the public limited company members are seven and the director a person is seven and it has no regulations.The Private limited company have a word “Private ” and the public limited company has a word “Limited”. The public companies are inĀ  a broad post of raising capital than private companies to integrate bodies and it raise is capital with free and the capital structures of corporations are large based.

Public-Limited-Company Registration in Chennai

Private Limited Company Becomes Public Limited Company

A private limited company has become public limited company within three terms of the date of the party and the company shall notify to registrar that it turns into a public company and the word ” Limited ” in the signal of the company upon registration and too make the important modifications in the certification of incorporation permits to the company purchased administration.In the holder of an unlimited company the articles shall case the total of representatives with which the company is to be registered and the company has a part capital of the amount which the company is to be registered.

In the case of public limited company shares is registered with the letter, articles of organization signed by the contributor of the notice defining regulations for the company.The section 43A of the companies Act was not going to be pursued in the fast case because that section presents as a private limited company to be treated as a public limited company registration only if not less than 25 percent of the paid share capital is held by one or more bodies to corporate.The section 43A with 21 and 23 it follows that when a private limited company is transformed into a public limited company apart from the difference in its name and the structural entity of the company in Chennai is not concerned with any aspect.