Section 25 Company Registration

Section 25 Registration

The section 25 company registration is tested for the comfort of the government an company to be created as a private limited company for promoting a good article to apply to its matter and the amount to be divided by the representative of the company under the section 25. The government gives a license to the organization directly and certified as an association with limited liability after the name private limited. The section 25 has an association of a member of the company under the act 1956.

The company is registered under this Act as a substance of a limited company that is reduced to those specified in the section 8 and the company is recommended to handle their profits divided to the section of the company. The directors of the company which they act in the law of principal and control the link of the company into a contract to be enforced to another party in the company registration of section 25. A director who may be a representative of the policy being followed by a company and he could not be charged in trade of the company under the section 25.


Section 25 Company Under The Act

The company may have a member of any organization under the section 25 shall practice to modification its name under the subsection. The section 25 company registration, which has a certificate that effort of its directive with the respect to their objects with the approval of the government. The government may vary the permit by making it liable to such actions and management as that government has a regulation.The provision of the letter under the section of 25 with regard to the items may require to set the particular things and the section 25 granted a permit which has private limited company. A company under the act to be, granted under the companies act of section 25 treated as the company rules and a company is registered under the registration of section 25 in the companies act 1956 taken that person treated as individual.