How to start and register a private limited company in Bangalore?

private limited company registration in bangalore- solubilis

How to make private limited company registration in Bangalore? Is a very big question among many forms of companies present in India, out of that, the private limited company is the most common. The requirements for its registration and other formalities are lower than those of other legal entities. The private limited company is regulated by the Companies Act, 2013 […]

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Private Limited company registration in Chennai- T.Nagar

A private limited company is a very popular corporate entity in India. Private Limited Company Registration in India has the governance by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). A private limited company is a form of privately owned small business entity that requires at least two shareholders and a director. For company incorporation in India, be sure to register your […]

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Online Company Registration in Chennai | Company Incorporation

To set up a business or company, company registration in chennai is mandatory and the founder or director needs to be active in the ‘legal game’. The first and most important step in establishing their company is to ensure the necessary documents for company registration in India. Any mistake in the documents required for new company registration in India will […]

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Why trademark registration is essential in IPR ? (Online TM)

A trademark registration can be described as visual representation of the word, label, device or numeric characters which are used to differentiate the business from the other business. Whether it may be goods or services the business should have the differentiation among the other business. The trademark acts as an exclusive asset for the business. It is useful for a […]

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How to start a Private Limited Company in Chennai?

How to start a private limited company in chennai? A private limited company is an attractive business model because it is a company with a payout share capital of at least 1 lakh. For a merger, the company needs at least 2 directors. However, the shares of the company are privately owned and cannot be traded publicly. If the company […]

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This Is Why Trademark Registration Is So Famous!

A trademark or TM Registration usually represents to a “brand” or “logo”. Trademark registration in Chennai is also available for trade name, distinctive catch phrases, taglines or titles. Properly used and promoted, a trademark can become the most inevitable asset of a business. Trademarks such as Coca-Cola indicate quality along with the source of the goods. Under the Trademark Act, […]

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