Trademark registration procedure foremost condition

The major provision in the trademark registration procedures is the necessary of the owner to register the trademark. Before trying registration, the person should either be the trademark owner. The decided means of needing effective trademark rights is to get registration and also to apply the mark on goods in connection to services in Chennai. The trademark used in India […]

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Agreement among partners of a partnership firm for formation of a company

Responsibility of incorporation The responsibility of incorporating a new company can be given to one of the parties or to all the parties jointly. Normally it is given to one of the parties, whereas other aspects of registration are taken care of by the remaining parties to agreement. New company incorporation If the new company is registered as a public […]

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Choosing the form of business ownership

The entrepreneur faces the problems as how to manage the business activity. He is baffled in creating a choice out of the four main organization types like partnership firm, sole proprietorship and the company form of organizations wherein he can ably make rational co-ordination of the achievement of the objectives through division of functions and labor, choosing efficient allocation of […]

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