How to register the ESIC, PF Registration in Coimbatore?

The full name for Employee State Insurance is ESIC, and it is administered by the Indian government’s Ministry of Labour and Employment. The employer offers a wide range of medical, financial, and other benefits to employees through this scheme. Upon having ESI registration in Coimbatore, you will be provided with a 17-digit Registration Number upon successful payment of the six-month advance contribution.

ESI Registration Process

  1. Sign in to the ESIC Portal:

A business owner in order to get ESI registration in Coimbatore with the ESIC Portal. Employers can sign up for the ESIC Portal by signing up. After clicking the “Sign up” button, they must enter their information and then submit the form.

  • Mail for confirmation:

The employer will receive a confirmation email to the registered email address and mobile number entered at the time of sign-up after submitting the portal registration form. And the employer receives the user name and password in that email.

  • Form 1 for Employer Registration:

The username and password sent in the mail, in addition to the ESIC portal. This will send you to the page with the “New Employer Registration” option. Select the option labeled “New Employer Registration. After that, click the “Submit” button and choose the “Type of Unit” option from the drop-down menu. The employer must complete the information on the “Employer Registration – Form 1” that will appear.

  • Payment for Enlistment:

The “Payment of Advance Contribution” page, on which the employer must enter the amount to be paid and select the payment method, will open after the Employer Registration Form-1 has been submitted. The advance contribution must be paid by the employer for six months.

Thus payment is important for getting ESI registration in Coimbatore.

  • Letter of registration:

The ESIC department will send the employer a system-generated Registration Letter (C-11). The employer’s registration can be established with the help of the Registration Letter (C-11).

PF registration in Coimbatore

As the provident fund is a Social Security initiative that encourages employees of the Company or Firm to develop savings habits and accumulate funds, EPFO contribution also receives benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, so (Provident Fund) PF registration in Coimbatore is very important for every organization in terms of employee welfare.

When an organization’s total number of employees reaches twenty, it must be registered with the provident fund organization. Apart from employees employed through a subsidiary company, contract employees are counted toward the statutory limit of two. When determining your company’s eligibility for PF registration in Coimbatore, exercise extreme caution. Within 30 days of reaching the twenty-point threshold, an EPFO Coverage application must be submitted.

The digital signature of one director or the company’s authorized signatory is required for the online application for PF registration. We help you determine whether and how the PF applies to you, file an application for registration on your behalf with the PF Office, draft all documents, and follow up with the department to get the establishment a registration number.

Compulsory registration

Within 30 days of reaching that number, any business with 20 or more employees is required to register with the PF department. This figure is the same regardless of salary.

Voluntary registration

In order for employees to take advantage of the provident fund, the employer can also request optional coverage for its establishment with the employee’s consent.

Meaning for employee for Pf

Full-time employees

Part-time employees

Working at home

Contract employees/Full time consultants.

Documents required

  • PAN
  • Cancelled cheque
  • PF registration in Coimbatore requires Address proof
  • Specimen Signature
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • DSC

Registration process of PF

Documentation and Digital Signature

As the application is submitted online, the first step is to scan the documents to be uploaded in the required DPI. The director or partner then creates a Class II DSC.

Establishment Registration.

The EPFO Portal is used to create an employer profile. During this process, an OTP is used to confirm the contact information. The establishment’s PAN verification is also part of this procedure.

DSC registration on PF portal

After the establishment profile has been verified and is active, the DSC of the director or AR needs to be registered on the PF Portal. Java needs to be correctly configured for DSC Registration. For DSC registration in bangalore, click here.

PF application filing

Last but not least, the time has come to submit the PF Registration application. The applicant must provide every detail and fill out the form correctly. The PF number is assigned upon approval.

EPFO Registration

The Employees Provident Fund, or EPF, is required to be provided to employees by all businesses. The Employees Provident Fund is nothing more than a social security system that lets workers set aside a small portion of their pay for future benefits. The Provident Fund serves as retirement savings for the majority of people in the service class.

The Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act of 1952 governs the EPF.EPF registration is required by law for any organization with 20 employees. Your company can sign up for EPFO registration in Coimbatore with us in three easy steps:

  1. Consultation and completion of paperwork with us.
  2. Assignment of a partner for the purpose of data validation and support.
  3. Reception of the PF number.

Eligibility Requirements for Indian Employers to Apply for EPF Registration

  • EPFO registration in Coimbatore requires Factory with 20 or More Employees
  • Establishment with more than twenty employees. The Central Government defines the class of such businesses.
  • Company that has fewer than 20 employees but has been informed that it must register for at least two months.

Please be aware that the company is responsible for both contributing to and deducting the EPF amount. In a company that is eligible, EPF is available to every employee.

Benefits of EPFO Registration

There are many benefits of EPFO registration in Coimbatore. They are listed below.

Coverage for the pension: Both the employee and the employer contribute equally to the EPS fund. This serves as a retirement fund.

Risk Coverage: In the event of an employee’s unexpected illness, retirement, or death, the Provident Fund helps the employee’s dependents or family.

Common EPF Account: Your PF account can be transferred when you change jobs because the Universal Account Number (UAN) that is linked to your Aadhar card makes it easier to link the two accounts. This single record gives a superior pace of return in view of higher building.

Serves as an Emergency Fund: In the event of a personal emergency, EPF funds can be claimed for use online.

Facilitator for Extending Goals: If you have investment plans for after-retirement, like buying a house or investing in your child’s higher education, the PF fund can help.

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