What are the TM registration consultancies in Coimbatore?

TM registration by Solubilis Corporate Services in Coimbatore is essential for business since it provides legal protection for brand name.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion Controller General of Patents Design & Trademarks. A trademark is a sole identity that distinguishes your business, product, or service from others. The conceptual property of your business is Trademark Registration (TM).  It safeguards the investments made in establishing customer commitment and trust. The registration gives you the right […]

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Cancellation of Registered Trademark in India

Process and cost for Cancellation of registered trademark in India along with trademark cancellation grounds is discussed in this blog.

Cancellation of registered trademark in India- Indian trademark law accommodates the cancellation enrolled trademark if, for a steady time of 5 years and 90 days from the date on which the mark was gone into the Trade Marks Register. The situations under which your trademark can be cancelled will start under Section 47 of the Trademark Act, 1999. A trademark […]

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List of Trademark Status types and Meaning

The List of Trademark Status types and Meaning is explained clearly in this blog. Also the procedure for trademark registration is discussed.

Trademark status- The trend of online trademark registration in India has improved the visibility and efficiency of completing the trademark in India. Now, we are able to track the status of a trademark application online and a trademark expert can take various steps on the basis of the current status of a trademark application. In this article, we will focus […]

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What is trademark abandonment and can we use a dead trademark?

Solution for the query What is trademark abandonment and can we use a dead trademark? is discussed deeply in this blog.

Trademark abandonment- a dead trademark or deserted trademark is the trademark which is as of now not perceived or approved by any national/regional office of trademark vault. There could be numerous assorted purposes behind being a trademark or administration mark dead or deserted, which are specified in passages beneath. Information concerning how to guarantee or re-establish a dead trademark, is […]

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