List of Trademark Status types and Meaning

The List of Trademark Status types and Meaning is explained clearly in this blog. Also the procedure for trademark registration is discussed.

Trademark status- The trend of online trademark registration in India has improved the visibility and efficiency of completing the trademark in India. Now, we are able to track the status of a trademark application online and a trademark expert can take various steps on the basis of the current status of a trademark application. In this article, we will focus on trademark definition, trademark registration and a complete list of Unique Trademark Status. The status of the token application can be easily tracked online using a government website. But in order to have a clear idea of ​​the status of your trademark it is important to know what each condition means.

What is a trademark?

Trademarks are unique and specialized brands used to identify the company’s unique goods or services. It can be symbols, designs, symbols, logos, images and includes expressions. Protecting a trademark is important because it distinguishes products from those of competitors. The trademark may be associated with the product and the type of business. Trademarks are classified under intellectual property rights and are protected under the Trademark Act, 1999. To get your trademark rights protected, it is important that your trademark is registered. Trademark registration is important because it prevents competitors from abusing, copying and distorting your marks with their products. Trademark helps customers to distinguish and identify product value. To register your trademark easily, click here

What is the procedure for Trademark registration?

Trademark of Registration is done by the registry of trademarks. There are few steps to follow when we plan for registering a trademark which are given below:

  • Choosing a trademark:

It is important to choose a distinctive and unique mark that you decide for representing your company and to identify the class you belong to. Presently, there are approx. 45 classes of goods and services in which the registration of trademark can be done.

  • Mark search:

The next most important step is to conduct a search and check the mark you have chosen. It is important to check that your chosen mark must not be similar to any already registered trademark. The search can be done online, on the website of the Controller general of trademarks, patents, and designs. There is an option to do public search on the website. After clicking on the option you will have to choose the class and then search on the online database. To apply for company registration in chennai, click here.

  • Filing application:

There are two options while filing for a trademark and those are:

  1. The trademark shall be registered only for the particular class that we choose when we file for trademark under “one” class.
  2. The second option is to file for various series of trademark or collective trademark or multiple classes of trademark.

The following documents together with the application shall be submitted for online registration of trademark:

• Apply for the registration of a brand name

• Evaluate the process for applying for a trademark name

• Publishing in Indian Trade Mark journals

• Issuance of trademark registration certificate

What is the Trademark Status List?

To find out the current status of a trademark registration, we must search it in the Trademark Public Search. A different form of trademark registration and its definitions as provided below:

New Application – A new application must be submitted to the trademark office.

Formalities Check Pass– If the application is filed correctly and complies with all the rules.

Formal Check Failed – when the application is not completed correctly and you will need to attach or correct the failure by completing the amendment form.

Post to Vienna Codification– If the app contains a label or logo then the numeric code is assigned and the data is sorted according to the Vienna code.

Marked Test – The application will be considered by the Trademark Examiner and will determine whether the application complies with the requirements of the Act.

Rejected– If an application is opposed by the Trademark Registry the applicant must clarify the objection with a response.

Test Report Issued – This report will contain that the application has been approved for any other investigation proposed by the inspector.

Ready for Show Cause– when an application is filed for a Court hearing and the applicant must explain the reasons why it should not be stopped. Apply for llp registration in chennai at very low cost.

Abandoned – if the applicant fails to provide a response within the allotted time and is marked as omitted.

It is advertised before acceptance – when a trademark is published in a journal but an outside company may oppose the mark before it is finally accepted.

Accepted and advertised– when a trademark is finally published in the Trademark Journal with user credentials.

Opposition – If a third party filed a counter-trademark application.

Registered – trademark registered successfully.

Rejected – Request denied if the inspector is not satisfied.

Invalid – Application fee not sent.

Cancelled – trademark request voluntarily withdrawn.

Adjustments Installed – A third party applies for an amendment to remove a trademark application from the Trademark Registry.

Accepted – Trademark accepted.

Cancelled – Trademark request canceled.

File a complaint – if any complaint is pending before the IPAB as instructed by the inspector.

Review – A request for review is made after the order has been approved by the inspector.

Go to court – If the Trademark Application is no longer available for a dispute in court.

Residence of Registration – IPAB or Court has abandoned the status of the application.

Opposition Withdrawal – A third party withdrew its appeal.


Therefore, it is important to keep a check on the trademark registration status from time to time so as to know the objections and reply within the fixed time period. Trademark registration status ensures that the registration gets successfully completed so it is necessary to keep a check on that so as to avail the trademark protection. To know more on private limited company registration in chennai, click here.