Is Trademark Registration Mandatory for e-commerce Compliances?

This blog is a discussion whether the Trademark Registration Mandatory for e-commerce Compliances? and along with procedure.

Is Trademark Registration Mandatory for e-commerce Compliances? Ans: No, The Trademark is only an extraordinary name, word, or image used to indicate any organization or business and its labor and products. After the trademark registration, the name, logo, or word is shielded from encroachment and no other organization can copy or abuse the enlisted trademark. No business or organization proprietor should see his/her image being replicated or abused by some other business or organization. There are a few justifications for why the proprietors of internet business organizations wish to at least one trademark registration for E-Commerce organizations. In this blog, we examine the advantages and interaction of trademark registration for E-Commerce Companies.

Is Trademark Registration for E-Commerce Companies Compulsory?

No, it isn’t obligatory to do a trademark registration for E-Commerce Companies; then again, we stubbornly suggest documenting a trademark application as quickly as time permits.

Following are some particular advantages of ensuring your IP (Intellectual Property) privileges over your image name:

Understanding the possibility of “Earlier Use” in Trademarks: The trademark law gives need to the organization or business known for the principal utilization of that trademark. The confirmation of “Earlier Use” in the trademark gives you a benefit over an adversary or another singular utilizing a similar imprint or logo, or name. The significance of earlier use regularly outperforms the registration of a trademark. Subsequently, on the off chance that you begin utilizing the name first, and someone else claims a trademark registration for a comparable name, the court might in any case allow you a trademark enlistment in chennai.

Privileges to Handover the trademark at a Later Stage: Other than the option to utilize your trademark, you can distribute this right for another proprietor. This is exceptionally valuable for more modest and beginning phase organizations or organizations looking for likely purchasers and financial backers. Regularly, the financial backers check out an organization or business that has accomplished licensed innovation privileges.

Trademark Signs: There are three distinct kinds of trademark signs to show that a trademark has been utilized, the organizations can utilize one of these trademark signs, and you can really take a look at something very similar underneath:

TM Symbol: This image is utilized in relationship with an unregistered imprint to illuminate conceivable infringers that a logo, term, name, motto or some other pointer is being asserted as a trademark.

® Image: This image gives a notification that the first image or word or logo is a trademark that has been enlisted with a public trademark office.

SM Symbol: This image is utilized to give notice that the first imprint or image is an assistance, and it is utilized for retailing of administrations just, not products. That is the reason it is called Service Mark. Organizations decide to utilize the SM image, however most organizations utilize the TM mark rather than the SM mark.

Shielding a Trademark: A trademark is proclaimed for the existence of an item or organization; business do have to defend against articulations becoming normal. To keep the case on the trademark, the organizations ought to advise individuals who copy or abuse the trademark.


Following is the list of the relative multitude of imperative archives needed at the hour of Trademark Registration for E-Commerce Companies:

Present a copy of the trademark, trademark, logo, and so on, that candidate needs to make their trademark.

On the off chance that, assuming the candidate is an organization, present a copy of COI (Certificate of Incorporation).

Give required subtleties of the candidate like name, address evidence, citizenship, and so forth

In case an organization is applying for a trademark that is as of now utilized by them, the date on which the trademark is utilized.

Present a copy of Power of Attorney, which the candidate properly signs on stamp paper of required amount.


1: Search for Trademarks on Database: Most business people don’t have a clue about the significance of a Trademark Search. Having an exceptional brand logo, name, or word as a top priority isn’t sufficient to keep away from a Trademark Search. This assists you with knowing whether there are comparable trademarks available in the data set. It additionally lets you know a reasonable image of where your trademark stands, and in some cases it provides you with a sensation of the chance of trademark case.

2: Filing Trademark Application: Once you pick your image logo or name that isn’t recorded in the Trademark library, you can apply for your online business organization’s trademark enlistment. The initial step after the trademark search is to document an application structure at a Trademark Registry. As of now, documenting an application is generally done on the web. When you applied, a receipt will be given to you for future reference.

3: Trademark Examination: Once you documented the application, it is assessed by the examiner for any conflicts. The assessment might take around 12 to year and a half. The inspector might acknowledge the trademark or object to it. On the off chance that the trademark is acknowledged genuinely, the trademark gets distributed in the Trademark Journal on the web. Assuming that the trademark isn’t acknowledged genuinely, the conditions to be satisfied or the protests would be referenced in the report. The particular time will be given to satisfy every one of the conditions or answer to the protests. When the reaction or answer is acknowledged, the trademark is distributed in the Trademark Journal; if not, once can demand for a consultation. Assuming the inspector feels that the trademark is took into account registration at the hour of the conference, it continues for distribution in the diary.

4: Trademark Publication: This progression is bound together in the registration interaction with the goal that any individual who objects to the trademark enlistment has the chance to go against something very similar. In the event that assuming there is no resistance following 3 to 4 months, then, at that point, the trademark continue further for registration. Assuming there is resistance, then, at that point, there is a meeting, and an official choice is given by the Registrar.

5: Issuance of Registration Certificate: Once the application for trademark registration in chennai is continuing further, following distribution in Trademark Journal, an enlistment testament will be given to you.


The Controller General’s office cares for the trademark registration and review of the application for trademark renewal, the insurance recorded by an outsider against the trademark in the diary and remain by the distinction identified with the trademark enlistment for E-trade organizations. Thus, the workplace of Controller General is a fundamental office managing every one of the issues with respect to reserve and very parts of licensed innovation. To know more on trademark filing in chennai, click here.