Whether a person having multiple business verticals in a state can obtain for different registrations in GST?

A person having multiple business obtain different gst registration ?

Yes it is possible ,A person having multiple business verticals in a state can obtain for different registrations in GST. Solubilis is top GST Consultants in Chennai,Coimbatore&Bangalore. Solubilis having expert team having helps you to do end of the registration.

The value-added tax (GST Registration) is only levied at each stage of the supply chain, which includes the production, sale, and use of taxable goods or services.

To ensure that

(a) There is no cascading effect by levying a tax on tax at each stage, the GST establishes a comprehensive and continuous chain of tax credits from the manufacture or production of goods or the provision of services to the retailer or consumer.

(b) Only the value-added at each stage of the supply is subject to taxation.

A person having multiple business verticals in a state can obtain for different registrations in GST

In the following ways, GST will benefit the country’s economic growth and all stakeholders:

One-time Tax:

The majority of central and state taxes are combined into a single tax under the GST that can have GST registration in Coimbatore, allowing for a streamlined credit scheme throughout the supply chain. The effect of cascading will be eliminated if multiple taxes and double taxation are eliminated.

Make in India:

a) The GST that can have GST registration in Coimbatore will significantly boost the government of India’s “Make in India” initiative by making goods and services produced in India competitive on both domestic and international markets, resulting in exports and domestic demand for goods and services.

b) India will become a “manufacturing hub” as a result of increased consumption and exports. This will lead to an increase in production and manufacturing activities.

c) More jobs in the manufacturing and service industries will be created as a result of increased manufacturing.

Investing from abroad:

The “Make in India” campaign will benefit from attracting the necessary foreign direct investment through a unified national market.

Growth in the economy and tax compliance:

a) The tax base will be expanded, taxpayer compliance will improve, and the government’s tax revenues will rise as a result of the GST. The GST should get GST registration in Coimbatore.

b) The culmination of high export, production, and other factors will contribute to the growth of economic activities, the increase in GDP, the acceleration of economic growth, and the elimination of poverty while also enhancing the country’s overall investment climate.

c) By eliminating rate arbitrage between different stages or sales between states, uniform GST rates across the country will reduce tax avoidance and evasion.

Provisions available for multiple registration under GST

For GST registration in Coimbatore, that too for multiple GST registration, provision in law is important.

Places of business in two different states

Section 25 subsection (1) of the CGST ACT of 2017 states that:

Every person has to register for GSTIN in every state or in Union territory/State in which he/she liable to register

This means that you must register in both states and union territories if you have locations for your business in two different states or union territories.

A person who operates from Ahmedabad and has a subsidiary office in Bangalore, for instance, will need to obtain two GST Registrations for the two distinct locations. In both states, the PAN can be used for registration.

Multiple verticals or business branches in a single state or union territory

Section 25(2) of the CGST ACT 2017 states that:

“Subject to certain specific conditions and rules, a person carrying on business with multiple business branches or verticals in a single State or union territory may be granted a different registration for each different business branch or vertical.”

With Multiple Registration under GST, two distinct businesses can operate in the same state or union territory under the same applicant’s PAN. These kinds of businesses are required to abide by the following regulations and provisions:

  • The nature of services and goods.
  • The production process’s nature was then followed.
  • The kind of people who will buy the goods or use the services that are offered.
  • The various actions that are performed to deliver goods or services to customers.
  • The nature of the registered entity as well as the regulatory setting, including insurance, banking, and public utilities (where applicable).

This section has been amended to change from business verticals to places. This means that a person can get a different registration for each place of business if they have multiple locations where they do business.

Rule 11- CGST Rules 2017:

The act’s rules make it possible to get different GSTINs for different business branches or verticals that are in the same state or union territory. Instructions for obtaining registrations for the new business vertical were provided in Rule 11(1) of the ACT:

A person who wants a separate GSTIN must have more than one business branch that meets the ACT’s definition in section 2(18).

If another branch has already been registered under the same person, the registration will not be accepted.

Section 9 states that

On the supply of goods and services to other registered business verticals or branches of such a person, all differently registered verticals and branches of such a person are required to issue an invoice and pay tax under the ambit of the act.

Rule 8(1) CGST ACT 2017 states that: To be recognized outside of the Special Economic Zone for separate GST registration in Coimbatore, a person with a business registered under the Special Economic Zone or an SEZ developer must submit a separate vertical application.

Procedure for GST registration

  • The purpose of this staff is to assist with the registration procedure. The registration procedure is as follows, based on the information provided by the portal for GST registration in Coimbatore:
  • The applicant must complete Part A of Form GST REG – 01 via the Facilitation Center or the GSTN portal. The applicant must enter their PAN, mobile phone number, and email address here. The applicant may file through GST consultants in Coimbatore.
  • After that, the PAN, mobile number, and email address are checked using the OTP and the GST portal. The applicant/ GST consultants in Coimbatore receive a reference number and an acknowledgement in FORM GST REG-02 following this verification.
  • Part B of FORM GST REG-01 must contain the application reference number. After completing the other required fields and attaching the requested documents, this form must be submitted. Through GST consultants in Coimbatore also you may submit.
  • If additional data is required, FORM GST REG-03 is issued.
  • Within seven working days of receiving the aforementioned form, the applicant or GST consultants in Coimbatore is required to submit FORM GST REG-04 in response to the requested information.
  • The applicant can receive the certificate of registration in Form GST REG –06 for the place of business and for each additional place of business by filing the aforementioned forms if you have provided all required information on Form GST REG-01 or Form GST REG-04.
  • A person who operates multiple businesses within a state may submit separate Form GST REG-01 applications for each type of business.
  • Form GST REG-05 can reject the registration application if the submitted information is not accurate. For GST registration in Coimbatore, the candidate must submit an application on Form GST REG – 07 if they are required to deduct TDS or collect TCS.
  • The officer has the option to cancel the registration and notify the applicant that he will no longer be required to deduct or collect tax at source.


You can add multiple businesses to the appropriate GSTIN using the procedure described above. However, it is critical that you employ professionals to register and manage your GST registration. We Solubilis have a team of experts to complete GST registration in Coimbatore at an affordable cost.