Who can pay the taxes every year and benefits for the tax payers

Income tax Registration Consultants in Coimbatore

In India,Income tax must be paid by individuals under the age of 60 who earn more than Rs. 2.5 lakh. Taxes must be paid by people over the age of 60 who earn more than Rs. 3 lakh. They can pay the taxes every year.

Governments collect taxes from their citizens in order to raise funds for projects designed to improve the country’s economy and standard of living.

In India, the Constitution of India grants the Central and State governments the authority to levy taxes. This gives the government the authority to levy taxes. In India, every tax must be backed by a law that was passed by the Parliament or the State Legislature.

The nation’s development, the improvement of infrastructure, the improvement of society, and even the funding of national welfare initiatives all benefit from taxation.

Eligibility of paying tax

Income tax must be paid by individuals under the age of 60 who earn more than Rs. 2.5 lakh. Taxes must be paid by people over the age of 60 who earn more than Rs. 3 lakh.

The following organizations must also pay direct taxes:

Companies, corporations, local governments, associations of people, bodies of individuals, and Hindu undivided families are all examples of artificial judicial entities. They can get Income tax registration in Coimbatore.

Direct tax

Taxes that an individual or legal entity is required to pay directly to the government are referred to as direct taxes. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) overlooks direct taxes. Transferring direct taxes to another person or legal entity is prohibited. Also Income tax registration in Coimbatore can be done at an affordable cost.

Sub-Categories of Direct taxes

There are sub categories of direct taxes and Income tax registration in Coimbatore can also be done. The subcategories of direct taxes are as follows:

Income tax

This is the tax that is paid directly to the government and is assessed on annual income or profits. Income tax is due on all income, regardless of source.

The annual tax exemption limit for those under the age of 60 is Rs. 2.5 lakh. The tax exemption limit is Rs. 3 lakh for people who are 60 to 80 years old. The maximum amount of tax exemption available to people over the age of 80 is Rs. 5 lakh.

Capital gains

The proceeds from an investment or the sale of a property are subject to capital gains tax. It could come from an investment’s short-term or long-term capital gains. All exchanges in kind that are weighed against their value are included in this.

Securities transaction tax tax

The stock market and securities trading are subject to STT. Share prices and securities traded on the Indian Stock Exchange (ISE) are subject to the tax.

Pre-requisite tax

These are taxes that are imposed on various perks and benefits offered to employees by a business. To obtain such perks Income tax registration in Coimbatore is important.

Corporate tax

The term “corporate tax” refers to the amount of income tax a company pays. It is based on the various revenue levels in different slabs. Any tax can be registered by Tax registration consultants in Coimbatore.

The following are the subcategories of corporate taxes:


Companies’ dividends to investors are subject to this tax. It is applicable to the investor’s net or gross income from the investment.

Fringe Benefit Tax

The fringe benefits that an employee receives from the company are subject to this tax. This includes costs for lodging, transportation, leave travel allowance, entertainment, and employee contributions to a retirement fund, employee welfare, the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), and other similar items.

Minimum alternative tax

Section 115JA of the IT Act governs how businesses pay the IT Department through MAT. The power and infrastructure sectors are the only industries exempt from MAT.

Advantages of paying tax

Anyone who earns a salary that exceeds the basic exemption limit is required to file their income tax returns, and doing so is beneficial. They can have Income tax registration in Coimbatore. Even if the tax bill is zero after deductions, this is still the case.

However, there are advantages to filing taxes even if your income is below the basic exemption limit. When you pay your taxes on time, you get the following benefits:

Loan approvals

When applying for a loan, particularly a mortgage, car loan, or other type of loan, your income tax returns can be requested by major banks. This could be ITR from the previous two to three years. Hence tax registration by Tax registration consultants in Coimbatore.

Having an ITR can even help you get a larger loan or have your loan application reconsidered if it was initially rejected. This is because banks use your income to determine how likely you are to repay the loan. Returns for income taxes give a clear picture of the income and taxes paid in the previous years.

Visa applications

During the visa interview, many foreign consulates require you to provide your previous year’s income tax returns. While the most recent one will suffice for some, up to two or three years’ worth of returns must be provided for others. The United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and Canada all require this, but South East Asian nations and the Middle East do not.

This is because income tax returns demonstrate that you have not attempted to leave the country in order to avoid paying taxes. In any event, while voyaging abroad for relaxation or business, it is dependably judicious to convey your ITR receipts as this will prove to be useful on account of any crisis when you need to look for the assistance of a department. Thus tax registration can be done by Tax registration consultants in Coimbatore.

Self-employed individuals

The Form 16 is not available to entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, or partners in businesses. ITR receipts can be provided as proof of income if their annual income exceeds the basic exemption limit. It also serves as evidence of paid taxes. This will be useful in any business or financial transaction. Thus tax can be registered by Tax registration consultants in Coimbatore.

Carrying forward of losses

Typically, capital losses, whether short-term or long-term, are carried forward to offset capital gains in subsequent years. For instance, a single year’s long-term capital loss can be carried forward for up to eight consecutive years immediately following the loss year.

However, only a year’s short-term capital gain can be used to offset a long-term capital loss. Anyway, both short-term and long-term gains can be adjusted for short-term capital gains. But however, in order to take advantage of this, income tax returns must first be submitted.

Penalty for not paying taxes

Any individual or legal entity who evades taxes can face a variety of penalties from the government. The category of tax that has not been paid determines the penalty. As a result, the taxes that are owed must be paid, and the fine and interest on it must also be paid as a penalty.

But when tax is registered by Tax registration consultants in Coimbatore, any penalties can be avoided.