Online Company Registration in Chennai | Company Incorporation

To set up a business or company, company registration in chennai is mandatory and the founder or director needs to be active in the ‘legal game’. The first and most important step in establishing their company is to ensure the necessary documents for company registration in India. Any mistake in the documents required for new company registration in India will make all efforts futile. Registration of a company requires many legal formalities. We have mentioned in this article the most important documents that will help you during the company registration process in India. Before issuing the required documents for company registration in India, one must choose the right company structure for their business. The business owner should choose the structure of the company wisely as it will allow the company to operate efficiently as well as meet the desired goals for profitability. To start a company in India, any of these business structures can be selected:

OPC -one person company registration in Chennai

If there is only one founder / owner in the business, OPC would be an ideal option for company registration. Registration for OPC will allow the sole owner to become part of the corporate framework and further its work. Documents such as DIN, DSC, PAN card, address proof, ID proof of both director and shareholder along with company address proof and lease agreement (if any) are required for registration of one person company.

Limited Liability Partnership registration in chennai

A limited liability partnership is a business structure designed to provide limited liability to its partners. The law look at this business structure as a corporate body. The 2008 Act gave the business structure the right to manage its own affairs. Documents required for LLP registration include office fees and addresses of partners, DSCs and ID proofs of partners.

Private Limited Company company registration in chennai

The law treats the company as a separate legal entity from its original founders. Once a company is registered, it will have officers (directors) and shareholders (shareholders) of the company. Everyone in a private limited company is treated as an employee of the company. Documents required for registration of a private limited company registration include DIN, DSC, PAN card, address proof, proof of residency, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

Partnership firm registration in chennai

 A business constitution that has 2 or more owners is called a partnership. The owners of this business structure ‘partnership’ are known as partners. The profit of the business is divided among the partners on the basis of written agreement. Documents required to form a partnership include PAN card and proof of address of partners and pay firm, partnership deed, GST registration, and bank account details.

Documents required for company incorporation

  • Company registration in Chennai needs Proper proof of identity and proof of address. Proof of identity and address is required for the inclusion of all directors and shareholders of the company.
  • Online company registration needs all the details of the director and shareholders have to be submitted to the registrar at the time of registration. PAN Card / Aadhaar Card / Driving License / Passport can be submitted as proof of identity. The latest telephone bill / electricity bill / bank account statement has to be submitted for proof of address.
  • For company formation in chennai and online business in India, the organization must have a registered office fee. A confirmation of entry into the registered office fee must be accompanied by an energy bill or a property tax receipt or a recent copy of the water bill. In addition to the tenant / rental agreement, since the company’s registered office fees have been accepted, its maintenance bill or sale deed or landlord’s letter or NOC with permission to use her fees.
  • Company incorporation in chennai needs The DIN and DSC of all the directors are also to be submitted along with these documents. These documents are general documents to be submitted for registration of LLP, One Person Company, Private Limited and Public Limited Company.

Company registration consultants follow the following steps.

Step 1- Determine the structure of your company

This is one of the most basic yet important steps for Company Online Company Registration in chennai. Determining the structure of the company will determine the path your company takes and how it conducts operations throughout its lifetime. Thus, determining the proper structure of the company according to the needs and requirements of your firm becomes a crucial step. There are many types of business structures in India, and it is difficult to choose which one. Therefore, we will take a brief look at all the formats of the company.

Step 2: Obtain DSC and DIN

In company registration, there are various documents for further processing with company online company registration. A digital signature certificate or DSC is the digital equivalent of actual certificates. It is used primarily to confirm a person’s identity or sometimes to obtain information and services on the Internet or to digitally sign certain documents.

Step 3: File for name approval

When including a company, a name with a suffix must be chosen. When someone chooses a name for their company. Let’s say, Pvt. Company Registration Online, they must add the suffix “Private Limited” with the name of the company. Two e-forms can be used to file for name approval.

Step 4: File AOA and MOA and submit other documents for insertion

The MoA is for the Memorandum Association f Association and the AOA is for the Articles Association f Association. Collectively, these two form the company. Both of these essentially define the scope of the legal powers used by the company. Also, information about the company’s activities with the company’s relationship with shareholders. MCAA has offered e-forms INC-33 and INC-34 e-AOA for E-MOA for assistance to Company Incorporation. Compile and submit other documents.

Step 5: File for insertion

The last step of the company incorporation system is filing for investment and MCAA has provided a framework dedicated to the inclusion of companies. Spike Forms (INC-32) are allotted for the inclusion process of limited companies (Public / Private / LLP / OPC). Wait 10-12 days for the certificate of incorporation. After you receive the Certificate of Investment, the relevant departments will issue you the PIN, TAN and other certificates as committed when you file the application. Hence company registration in t nagar has now become easier as mentioned above.