The One Person Company Registration (OPC)

The One Person Company (OPC) has been suggested through the Companies Act 2013. The One Person Company brings a ideal new bracket of moments for those who view leading to start their own deals with a format of formed business. The One Person Company Registration (OPC) will give the new businessman all assets of a private limited company which really means they will have connection to the name of a independent legal entity.

‘One Person Company process a company that has only one member’

An one person company (OPC) has positive advantages and exceptions which are not useful to private companies. The ‘One Person Company‘ is to be specified as the term of the company registration. The (OPC)One Person Company wish to get one director and the directors of maximum 15 directors that can also be expanded by passing a main selection of any new company in Chennai.The Section 3 divides one person company registration as a Private Company for all the proper targets with only one representative. All the plans are important to the private company are suitable to an one person company registration(OPC) unless otherwise specially prevented in Chennai.


One person company registration in Chenna

The One Person Company Formation

An one person company (OPC) is integrated as a private limited company has only one member and prevention in view to request to the public for addition of the cares of the company.

The features of an One Person Company (OPC) have the successive:

An OPC can be created under each of the categories :
  • The Company limited by guarantee.
  • The Company limited by shares
An OPC limited by shares shall submit with following specifications :
  • Restricts the right to transfer its shares
  • The OPC Prevents any challenges to national to sign up for the bonds of the company.
  • The OPC Shall have minimum paid up capital of 1 lakh.


The approach of (OPC) one person company grants a particular person to face a company defined by parts and Sole proprietorship is an individual where it is run and hold by one particular and where capable is no difference between the proprietor and the business.The basic difference between a sole proprietorship and an OPC is the plan and look in which the liability is respected in an OPC. The one person company (OPC) is diverse from sole proprietorship because it is a perfectly free entity and that is the quality between the organizer and the management of a company registration in Chennai. The duty of the share holder will be defined to the unpaid contribution capital in his name.