How many types of company registration in India

Know about the types of company registration in India and enjoy our company registration services in chennai at low cost.

All types of company registration in India- an overview. It’s fundamental to check regardless of whether you’ve met every one of the necessities of an organization. From that point forward, now is the ideal time to choose the right sort of organization enlistment relying upon your organization undertakings and exercises. Prior to moving into the different types of company registration […]

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Partnership firm registration

Select a suitable firm name Firm name is merely the name under which the partners carry on their business. It is therefore only a conventional name applicable only to the persons who on each particular occasion when the same is used are members of the firm. It is only a conventional mode of designating the persons composing it. So if, […]

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Firm Registration Procedure

Firm registration is not compulsory. But it is in the interest of the partners themselves to have their firm registered under the Partnership Act. The Act contemplates the registration of the firm and not the registration of the partnership deed. Registration is also necessary when a new partnership comes into being. For example, on the reconstitution of the firm.The firm […]

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Company registration types in India

Company registration is the process of getting legal authorization to conduct business within your preferred zones. It is a legal obligation of most regions and checks that a company is operating under the lawful duties of its points. There are number of rules and regulations that must be completed initial stages of the company registration period. The company registration types […]

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Proprietorship firm into a private company or public company

Do you wish to convert proprietorship firm into a private limited company or public limited company. Proprietorship firm into a private limited company or public limited company 1.First and foremost, form a new registration company. If the new company registration is to be organized as a public limited company. Ensure that subscribers of the one to the aide-memoire of organization. […]

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