Why company registration is mandatory in the present era ?

Why company registration is mandatory in the present era?

The private limited company registration in mandatory in the present era; since, a business organization is a company that makes, buys, or sells goods or services in exchange for money. Simply put, a company is a mode of doing business. Your business setting needs to be well considered and most importantly decide what type of business structure or vehicle to […]

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Company registration steps for incorporation

The company registration steps are required to be taken for incorporation of a company other than a producer company. The following steps are required for your company registration procedures. Purpose for which a company can be incorporated A company can be incorporated for a lawful functional entirely. Every purpose is lawful unless it is forbidden by law or is contrary […]

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Do you wish to increase the authorized share capital of your company

1. Consult the Articles of Association (AOA) of your company to see whether they authorize. The company to increase the share capital. If it does not authorize complete proceedings to alter them accordingly. Increase the authorized share capital 2.If your company is not a Company limited by shares. Your company wishes to increase the number of its members beyond the […]

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